Married At First Sight

MAFS' Elizabeth and Ines showdown: "Stay away from my husband!"

Elizabeth is VERY territorial of her turf...

She's made no secret of the fact she wants to ditch ex-stripper Bronson and steal another bride's groom away – and that's exactly what Ines has done!
Indeed, the ink barely had time to dry on her marriage certificate to Bronson before feisty brunette Ines set her sights on Elizabeth's husband, Sam, during the first dinner party last week.
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Elizabeth and Ines are going head to head for Sam! (Image: Nine)
"I wish I was matched up with Sam. He's super-hot, he wears nice suits, his facial hair is always really well-groomed. I'm all about getting a divorce and finding a new husband! Elizabeth is a liability in my eyes," Ines, 28, confidently declared on the show.
"Sam is so hot! There's no way they're going to build a healthy relationship together."
She went on, "Why did Elizabeth get placed with Sam? That's what I want to know.
"I think she's so annoying, so loud and stuff, I feel like he'd be so annoyed.
"He did leave her the day after the wedding. I think his ego was so destroyed because he is so hot – he's super-hot."
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There have already been reports Sam is at the centre of a couple swap this season, and it seems Ines could be the woman he has an "affair" with – especially as it's hinted she's messaging him over social media.
With Ines betraying fellow bride Elizabeth by making a move on her man, there's no love lost between the women. The pair exchanged harsh words with one another during the first commitment ceremony.
As Ines and Bronson were having their session with the experts, Liz called Ines out for saying she was down to partner-swap and suggesting the group partake in an orgy!
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Meanwhile, sources say 27-year-old Liz won't be giving up on her marriage without a fight. "Elizabeth isn't the kind of girl to let another woman move in on her turf," a source says.
"It's true that she and Sam got off to a rocky start, but she's really invested in the experiment and all she wants is to be able to give it a real shot. You can bet she had no problems telling Ines to back off."
Another source says Liz sat Ines down and issued her with a firm warning.
"Liz was having none of it. She called Ines out for her comments one-on-one and it became quite heated. Liz was yelling, 'You've broken the girl code. How could you do this?'''
While Ines' romance with Sam, 26, has only just begun on screen, it seems like it may not go the distance as she's already flirting up a storm with another man off screen.
The legal assistant has been swapping messages with co-star Jessika Power's "hot brother" Rhyce on Instagram, and the pair have even made plans to meet up in Melbourne.

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