Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: MAFS' Elizabeth on her decision to stay with Sam at the commitment ceremony

''I don't care if we hate each other, he can give me a week.''

By Anita Lyons
After witnessing the very first Married at First Sight commitment ceremony of the season, it's safe to say that we are in shock.
During the episode, "Australia's most confident bride", Elizabeth Sobinoff, chose to "stay" after her fake TV husband, Sam Ball, decided to leave the experiment.
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As we all know, in MAFS law, if one partner chooses to stay - then the couple must face another week of torture, ironing out their issues and seeing if their relationship can be salvaged.
Spoiler alert: It usually can't. But the drama is oh so worth it.
In a Now to Love exclusive (watch the video above), Elizabeth spills on the controversial decision and why on earth, after a very tough first week, she decided to persevere with the experiment.
Lizzie decided to stay during the first commitment ceremony. (Source: Channel 9)
"[I said] He can stay, he can give me a week, I don't care if we hate each other, he can give me a week," she told us.
One of the biggest things for Lizzie is that they had "a different experience" to the other participants, meaning she didn't get time with Sam.
"For the ones that didn't really like each other on the wedding day, they still got a honeymoon," she said. "They still got to know the person."
"I've given up my life at this point, you [Sam] can just stay there whether we become friends or not."
Lizzie was unimpressed when Sam returned from New Zealand following days of radio silence. (Source: Channel 9)
The retail assistant also questioned why her husband even joined the experiment in the first place.
"Why did you [Sam] sign up for this?" she asked.
"It doesn't matter if you think I'm porky and I'm not your type, you know, that I'm Miss heffer coming down with war paint on - I don't care."
"Just stay. Give me something. Give me something to work with, because that's not fair and that's not right," she said.
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Lizzie also opened up how being ditched the day after her wedding left her angry and confused.
"I tried to be as honest as I could be," Lizzie told Now to Love.
"I know a lot of people are saying - why would you act like that? But I wanted to be as real as possible."
"I tried not to sugar-coat things. I know some people do to stop people from hurt feelings, but I needed to say what I was thinking with real emotions and say, 'I'm sorry guys, but this is what it is...'"
On Wednesday's episode, we saw Elizabeth imprisoned in her room with not so much as a text from her husband and even after she makes a phone call to him, he still doesn't get in contact with her.
Because Sam was at a funeral, many viewers questioned if Liz had any right to be mad at him, particularly because she was so furious that her "experience was ruined".
Opening up about the unique situation, she told us: "You're in a pressure cooker environment. So they [viewers] can have their opinion watching you because to them it's only taken an hour. In reality it was all taken over a huge spectrum and so a lot of emotions are condensed down."
"I'm not going to apologise for anything that I was doing."
WATCH: Lizzie on her challenging times with Sam. Post continues after the video...
While it's safe to say that Elizabeth and Sam's marriage is bumpy at best, the 27-year-old is certainly giving her groom the "benefit of the doubt" about the funeral.
But to her credit, no one quite understood what it was like to be in that situation - so it's important to see it from her point of view, too.
"No one would lie about that," she said, while adding - "I tried to be respectful, but he said something back to me, that I was like, 'that's below the belt, Mate'. He said that I wouldn't be concerned about anyone dying.'"
So was it a good idea for the couple to stay in the experiment? We'll just have to wait and see... but we predict a very rocky future.
Was this a good idea? (Source: Channel 9)