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Twitter is cheering for Elizabeth after the first Married At First Sight dinner party

Yassss queen!

By Alex Lilly
The first dinner party on Married At First Sight is always bound to stir up some drama, and while we all thought there would be another Ines/Bronson screaming match, it was someone else who stole the show.
Elizabeth, 27, was left alone when her groom Sam flew out to attend his ex-girlfriend's mother's funeral in New Zealand.
When she heard nothing from her husband for days, it unsurprisingly made her a little stir crazy.
Upon her arrival at the dinner party, Elizabeth told her fellow brides and grooms the ghosting story and mentioned that she called Sam and it went straight to voicemail.
But when her new husband made a shock appearance half way through the dinner party, said she needed to "calm down" and that he "didn't have a voicemail", Lizzie was not having it.
Gleefully calling Sam's mobile number, she proved him wrong and viewers across the nation cheered on Elizabeth and called out Sam for his gaslighting tactics.
"Sam reminding Liz to 'breathe' and 'chill' hun you need to remind all of Australia because we about to crack it on behalf of the sisterhood rn this is atrocious," one viewer penned.
"So he checked his phone after the wedding, but couldn't check his phone after the funeral? And now he's gaslighting her? F---wit," said another.
Speaking to the Woman's Day Confessional podcast, Lizzie revealed that she was given Sam's actual phone number and left a voicemail but had no input from the producers.
"They try to really remove themselves and say there should be an open communication there," Lizzie revealed.
For everything we couldn't print and more, listen to the MAFS Confessional podcast below! Post continues after podcast...
This isn't the first time we've seen everyone at home cheering for Lizzie.
On Tuesday evening's episode, Elizabeth was filmed home alone indulging in junk food like the queen she is and sent the Internet into meltdown when she put her pizza in the toaster.
"I did kind of think Elizabeth was the worst until I saw her reheating pizza in the toaster. It was at that moment I realised she's probably the hero we all need but don't deserve. #MAFS," one viewer tweeted.
WATCH: MAFS bride Elizabeth puts her pizza in a toaster. Post continues...
Speaking to Now to Love, the 27-year-old store manager revealed that being left alone for days after their wedding still affects her.
"I tried to be as honest as I could be," Lizzie said. "I know a lot of people are saying - why would you act like that? But I wanted to be as real as possible."
"I tried not to sugar coat things. I know some people do to stop people from hurt feelings, but I needed to say what I was thinking with real emotions and say, 'I'm sorry guys, but this is what it is...'"

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