Married At First Sight

Davina made it clear she’s ready to steal Tracey’s husband Dean on MAFS

Davina met Dean for the first time at last night's dinner party - and she couldn't keep her hands to herself.

By Jacqui King
We all knew that the first dinner party on Married At First Sight would be big but we didn't expect it to be quite so dramatic.
Couple Ryan Gallagher and Davina Rankin didn't get off to a good start in their marriage (Davina was ready to call it quits after he vomited during their honeymoon), and last night's dinner party made it clear that Davina is ready to find a new match – with someone else's husband.
Just before Ryan and Davina head out to the party, Ryan accuses Davina of saying 'I can swap you for someone else.' She denies it but then tells the camera: "If there was someone at this dinner party that I was interested in, I would pursue that because that's what we're here for."
That comment had viewers instantly feeling protective for every couple Davina was about to meet.
Dean and Davina hit it off at the dinner party.
The dysfunctional newlyweds end up making their way to the party and meeting the other couples. Davina loudly says to some of the women: "I was really hoping there would be a hot single guy that got left at the altar. I wish I was kidding."
Hold on to your partners, ladies.
Davina then eyeballs Dean Wells as he walks in. She knows it's game on.
After later asking him if he works out, she can't stop obsessing over his hand size (and makes sure to tell her husband how big they are). Davina's over-the-top flirting makes it obvious she has a crush, which then she then admits to the cameras – and some of the other brides.
"I was having the absolute sh-ttest time. But I think Deano is an absolute babe," Davina told them.
"I'm like, "I love you". If I wasn't here with my partner, Deano would be like my person."
Turns out that Dean is vibing it too, admitting privately to Patrick that Davina's cute and he's attracted to her.
Fans of the show were quick to point out their outrage at Dean and Davina, including former contestants Zoe Hendrix and Erin Bateman.
In their 9Now show 'Unfiltered', Zoe said: "I don't think that's how a marriage works, darling."
"Marriage isn't 'oh we're together until something better comes along'."
Erin then called Davina's behaviour as "inappropriate", while Zoe said she got "frustrated and angry" watching it all play out.
Bring on the commitment ceremony!

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