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EXCLUSIVE: Married at First Sight's Cathy reveals the simple diet rule behind her 16kg weight loss

She's healthy, fit and ''feeling great'' - this newlywed has nailed it.

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She's just transitioned from single life to being a wife – but that's not the only transformation Married at First Sight's Cathy Evans has undergone.
"After gaining weight, thanks to partying at uni, I got into body building four years ago," Cathy, 27, tells OK! exclusively.
"Friends of mine were into it and as I started finding out more about it I got inspired. I wanted to get a body I could be proud of."
Cathy, who married Josh in a whirlwind MAFS ceremony this week, has been on a fitness journey over the past few years. (Channel Nine)
After some serious hard work in the gym, Cathy was ready to strut her ripped stuff on stage!
"I got down to a very ripped 49kg and placed sixth in a national body building comp," she explains.
"It was incredible to hear people cheering my name."
Cathy even placed at a body building competition. (Instagram / @summertanx)
But after achieving that success, a move from New Zealand to Australia and a bad break-up meant the logistics investigator's weight crept back up to 78kg.
"I was that weight for around nine months,' she says. 'I'm only 152cm tall, so it was a lot for me."
With an ambition to work as a personal trainer, Cathy decided to train herself by hitting the gym once more and, initially, took inspiration from the low-carb, high-fat keto diet.

Eventually, Cathy's weight settled back at 'around' 62kg.
"Nowadays, I don't exclude any food groups and I just make sure I move around a lot," says Cathy.
"I walk to work and I take the stairs rather than a lift where possible. I also eat lots of vegetables with every meal."
That regimen meant Cathy looked absolutely stunning at her wedding to groom Josh Pihlak!
"I'm feeling great," she says.
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