Married At First Sight

Inside Married at First Sight's Cam and Jules' REAL engagement party

It was a star-studded affair!

By Anita Lyons
It was the night that cemented that they are in fact, the real deal.
Married at First Sight's Cam Merchant and his fiancée Jules Robinson celebrated their engagement on Sunday night, surrounded by family and friends - old and new.
Held at the gorgeous Acre Eatery in Camperdown in Sydney, guest and host of Talking Married Shelly Horton described the lavish party as "a real celebration."
"I'm so excited! It's all come together it's just going to be a small party with 220 people," Jules joked with the Channel 9 presenter during an exclusive segment on the Today show on Monday morning.
"It's such a crazy experiment. I really bonded with a few of the others; they understand what it was really like and what we all went through and now we're out the other side and can really celebrate," she added.
The happy couple, Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson. (Source: Instagram @cammerchant)
Last night, Shelly took to Instagram sharing one of the only Instagram posts of the evening.
"Sign of a good party!" she wrote alongside a happy snap of her and Jules.
"Filter-free sweaty mid-dance floor snap with @julesrobinson82 Apart from the fact that I now realise we have the exact same colour eyes this is to let you know I went to her REAL engagement party to @cammerchant last night and can give you the exclusive goss on @thetodayshow at 820am! Tune in if you believe in love! #MAFS."
While Cam and Jules are usually very active on social media, the couple have most likely been contracted to keep engagement party posts on the DL until the segment on Nine's morning shows has aired.
Talking Married host Shelly Horton with blushing bride, Jules Robinson. (Source: Instagram/Shelly Horton)
The couple's Married co-stars, including bridesmaids Heidi Latcham and Mel Lucarelli, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Sobinoff, Billy Vincent, Mick Gould and Cyrell Paule and her boyfriend, Eden Dally were all in attendance.
"She's just whipped this up in a matter of days," Heidi told Shelly and the Nine team of Jules' party planning. "And the dance floor says C&J. The cake, the people, I'm just so excited to be here with them."
While sharing her signature laugh, Mel said in the package:
"I was just with Cam's mum and she said she wanted to be a bridesmaid so there could be six of us."
Of course, Cam and Jules' parents were both very special guests with Marg Robinson saying: "What they've got together now is a fairytale romance," and we couldn't agree more!
Jules with two of her bridesmaid's and MAFS co-stars, Heidi Latcham and Mel Lucarelli. (Source: Instagram / @julesrobinson82)
While the party had a strict social media ban, Jules took to her personal Insta to upload a very special choreographed dance.
Rivalling their first wedding dance - and arguably the most romantic scene in MAFS history - the pair were beaming as they danced.
WATCH NEXT: Cam and Jules' engagement party dance!"
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(Source: Instagram/@julesrobinson82)
Jules and Cam got engaged during their final vows on the hit TV show.
"Jules, when our eyes first met and I saw you and I saw your beautiful smiling face walking towards me, even my wildest expectations were blown away. Throughout the experiment, you're incredible, beautiful, nurturing, humorous, competitive ways, allowed us to break through barriers and jump through hurdles together, creating a bond so strong that virtually nothing could break us," he explained in an emotional final commitment ceremony.
"Jules, you've helped me to love, to express my emotions more than ever before - you've changed me into a man that I'm so much more prouder to be, a person that I feel confident to give solely to you and you only."
"Jules, I'm happy that I took this chance with you and I honestly can't imagine a day in my life without you. So today, this isn't just about remaining just as we are and committing to you beyond today. But it's about giving us the moment that we missed coming into this experiment."
"So this might be a little bit backwards. You make me so happy, Jules, will you marry me?"
We don't know about you, but we cannot wait until their wedding at the end of the year!

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