Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight stars Cam and Jules' marriage in tatters after eight days!

The couple are struggling with the backlash from their lavish TV wedding.

What should have been a dream day is quickly turning into a nightmare for former Married At First Sight stars Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant, who are said to be barely speaking in the wake of their made-for-TV wedding and questioning if they did the right thing.
A friend of former cricket star Cam, 35, exclusively reveals that he's been left shocked by the nasty backlash the couple have received.
"He's just crushed, he's shocked by people's outrage, he didn't expect this sort of reaction," reveals a source.
"Cam had doubts about doing this so publicly again, and was eventually persuaded by Jules and the network, so to see that people are angry has left him feeling absolutely heartbroken."
While Cam and Jules, 37, left the show's sixth season as favourites, fans and their former castmates have been ruthless with their criticism of the couple's choice to cash in on their wedding day, which they were rumoured to have been paid $75,000 for.
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"Seems like an advertisement for wedding services," said one angry viewer. "The fact that I am seeing the A Current Affair logo at the bottom left hand corner makes me sick," wrote another.
Following the wedding, viewers collectively blasted the couple for including relentless plugs and shameless promotions throughout the special in a bid to score free wedding supplies.
Their former cast mates have also been quick to turn on them, with Jessika Power, 28, claiming Jules' "bad side" was edited out of the show to maintain her "angelic" portrayal, while former MAFS star Nasser Sultan thought their $75,000 fee should have been donated to bushfire victims.
Fans have labelled Jules 'cruel' for dumping her former best friend and costar Melissa from the ceremony. (Image: Nine)
Others labelled Jules "cruel" for dumping former bridesmaid Melissa Lucarelli, with our source revealing one of the reasons she got rid of her friend was down to the fact that Melissa was spruiking Celebrity Slim, which clashed with Jules' role as ambassador for WW.
One wedding guest reveals that the cracks between the couple were starting to appear even on the big day, with Cam seen stumbling around after the event.
"He was certainly enjoying the free champagne!" spills our source, before insisting Cam's rowdy behaviour was likely due to mixing drinks.
Following the televised ceremony, Cam was seen wandering the streets of Sydney's CBD, flailing his arms and tripping over himself as he played it up for photographers.
"He was looking quite tipsy," says one onlooker. "Thankfully he was being kept upright by his groomsmen".
Meanwhile, the usually smiley Jules looked concerned as she stood back and observed her husband's antics.
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Former friends, Jules and Melissa. (Image: Instagram/@JulesRobinson)

Guests spill all: What really went down!

Fame hungry! Cam's dad told guests his son always wanted to be famous and "he's so glad he finally got what he wanted".
Cam's women banned! Jules told Cam he wasn't allowed to invite any of his female friends, unless they were dating one of his groomsmen!
Banned from the main event! "We weren't invited to the actual wedding! We were told to arrive at 7.30pm sharp but it was for the afterparty. We didn't get let into the actual room until 9.30pm."
Phones were confiscated! "On arrival we were led into a room where we had to hand our phones over to staff!"
Under surveillance! "The room was being monitored by CCTV and it was made clear to everyone they were being spied on as they were not trusted."
Starving guests! Some guests were only given desserts and drinks, and were moaning about being hungry. They had to sneak off to the pub to get a feed because they didn't realise dinner would not be served.
Wedding extras! "There was a lot of talk about the day feeling impersonal. We were like extras on a TV show."

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