Married At First Sight

The first Married At First Sight contestants for 2021 have been identified, and they’re surprising

The show is promising more "genuine" connections this years.

By Alex Lilly
Over the years, we've seen an array of Married At First Sight characters. From shy introverts looking for love to downright cheating villains, you can bet there won't be any plain Janes taking part in the controversial reality TV experiment.
So as the 2021 season approaches, you can bet that the upcoming contestants will be no different.
In the recent trailers, Nine have shared a glimpse of the hopeful brides and grooms but we are yet to be officially introduced.
However, fan account MAFS Funny has done a little digging and discovered that a handful of this year's contestants already know what it's like to be in the public eye. Granted, they're not exactly on a Hemsworth level, but fans have already recognised a few faces.
"Here's a look at some of the new brides and grooms that have been recognised from ads or named in the press," the page wrote on Instagram.

In the mix this year are rock musician Booka Nile, who sings and plays keyboard for metal band Make Them Suffer, AFL player Jake Edwards, Canberra's Hit 104.7 radio host Bryce Ruthven, TV host and bikini model Georgia Fairweather, theatre actor Johnny Balbuziente and fitness influencer/ex cop Connie 'Coco' Stedman.
But it's not exactly an 'All Stars' season as there are some Average Joes in the mix as well.
"For what it's worth I'm told there is a good few 'regular everyday' people (aka not in showbiz already) on the new season haha," the fan account joked in the comments.
Will this year's stars be luckier-in-love than the last? (Channel Nine)
Fans are already expecting that this year's brides and grooms aren't going to have any fairytale love stories, but are certain that the drama will be there in spadefuls.
"I guess they figured everyday people aren't gonna get the ratings, so they've resorted to the D list," one person commented on the post.
"Oh man this is going to sound judgemental but I thought they were going to focus this series on actually finding love," mused another.
"Looks like a bunch of attention-seeking divas already. This will be more of a trainwreck than previous seasons," speculated a third.
Say hello to the new MAFS therapist. (Instagram)
Not only are we seeing a new batch of contestants, but there will also be a new expert in the mix too.
Replacing Dr Trisha Stratford is sexologist and TV presenter Alessandra Rampolla and according to relationship expert Mel Schilling, this season will be one to watch.
In a post celebrating her fellow MAFS experts Alessandra and John Aiken, Mel gave a hint as to what to expect in 2021 writing: "We are having a ball, working #BTS to bring you a game-changing #MAFS next year."
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