Married At First Sight

The best (and most savage) reactions to the MAFS Australia premiere

Gonna need popcorn for this.

By Jess Pullar
It's a new year team, and that means one thing, and one thing only - Married at First Sight is back and ready to invade our lives one trash talking dinner party at a time.
Yep, on February 3rd, a sense of normality returned to our nighttime routines for the first time this year - MAFS returned to its rightful 7.30pm slot as the premiere episode aired.
We were ready for the drama, ready for the 'tude, and so ready to finally meet our brand new cast.
All was well... or was it?
As tends to happen with many Aussie shows, the general consensus when sharing highly important opinions is to take to Twitter.
Before the show even began we could already guess that the #MAFSAU tag would be trending before long, and boy did the thread have a lot to say as the show aired.
We were introduced to two couples in the season seven debut - Poppy and Luke, and Cathy and Josh.
Poppy made for some seriously typical MAFS entertainment, first being overly excited to getting married, to very suddenly getting cold feet, to very suddenly being okay again.
It was a roller coaster, and suffice to say fans had a lot of thoughts about it.
There was plenty to ponder in the typical drama-filled premiere. (Channel Nine)
Taking to Twitter, watchers weighed in on the fiasco, with some seriously amusing blow by blows.
"I don't know if there are going to be enough GIFs on the internet to cater for all the #MAFSAU scenarios," wrote one watcher - we feel you, girl.
Another summed things up quite quaintly:
And yes, it appears popcorn and spillage of all the tea was the general theme of the night for most of Australia.
Exhibit two:
As the show went on, Twitter users weighed in on each couple.
Poppy and Luke captured everyone's attention from the get-go - here's some highlights of what people had to say...
As for Cathy and her lad Josh, there were also a fair few mixed reactions to the new couple.
One fan took to the platform to voice a concern many of us will be familiar with about said pairing: "Josh and Cathy are so cute but I've been hurt by the #MAFSAU craziness before."
Ohhh how we've all been there.
See more reactions to Cathy and Josh below...

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