Married At First Sight

The Woman's Day Married At First Sight Podcast is here!

Step into the Married At First Sight Confessional...

Go on – you won't believe who's in there!
Expect a rotation of the show's brides and grooms, former participants, show experts and the gossip reporters behind the scenes delivering the biggest bombshells and scandals to come out of the most talked-about reality show on Australian TV, Married At First Sight.
Hosted by Woman's Day's Kristie Lau and NW magazine's Karina Recchi, MAFS Confessional podcast delves deep into the reality juggernaut.
Each week, we take you beyond the headlines and episodes, inviting special guests into the studio to spill all the secrets direct from the set.
From couple swaps to on-set meltdowns and game-changing confessions, you won't want to miss a second…
Listen now below!
This week, Married At First Sight fairy tale couple Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant drop into the Woman's Day studio to spill on the biggest bombshells from their wedding and honeymoon!
Nothing is off limits in this explosive chat where the couple reveal how pesky producers tried to derail their relationship, what really went down on the bucks and hens nights and whether or not they got frisky on their honeymoon.
Cam also drops a major bombshell about what he thought when he first met Jules. Hint: it might just break your heart.
Next up, last season's controversial groom Nasser Sultan drops in to reveal what goes on behind the scenes of the wedding night, and how producers encourage the contestants to get busy between the sheets – and in front of the camera. Scandal!
The show's poster couple Cam and Jules share all their behind-the-scenes secrets in this week's episode!

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