Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Connie reveals why she wrote stay at the final commitment ceremony

''I was forced the write 'stay' when clearly Jonnie and I were nothing more than friends.''

By Alex Lilly
Connie and Jonethen's Married At First Sight relationship may have started strong but things have since gone from bad to worse.
In a shock decision, Connie opted to stay with Jonethen at the final commitment ceremony, but once again he decided to leave.
But things aren't quite what they seem, as Connie has confessed to NW that the show's producers convinced her to write stay.
Connie was visibly upset the whole time she was on the couch with Jonethen. (Image: Nine Network)
"I was forced the write 'stay' when clearly Jonnie and I were nothing more than friends," Connie tells NW.
"They tried to convince me for 12 hours to write 'stay' again. Finally they convinced me to write 'stay' but I was emotional because I felt awful holding him against his will."
Connie adds that Jonethen's mixed messages got to her and that she "begged producers to let him go."
"Jonnie would tell me one thing to my face, tell me he liked me and then to the camera that he wasn't attracted to me."
Connie grew fed up with Jonethen's mixed messages. (Image: Nine Network)
It's pretty much a given that Connie and Jonethen are done and dusted, romantically speaking at least.
Speaking to Hobart's Hit100.9, Connie revealed that over the weekend she celebrated her birthday and though Jonethen and some of the other MAFS grooms were in Melbourne, none of them turned up to her event.
"He was in Melbourne for the whole weekend. He said he'd be there for me for my birthday," she told hosts Jimmy and Nath.
"That was just my last straw, especially with Jonethen. I did half expect it but after everything we've been through together, I really thought he would be there."
On top of that, Jonethen was spotted flirting up a storm with a mystery woman in Sydney's Bondi Beach and it definitely wasn't Connie!
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Ahead of the season premiere, the experts told Now To Love that Connie's "compelling" story stands out amongst the contestants.
"She's shy and awkward and finds it very hard to find love and yet she was brave enough to put her hand up and come on the show," John Aiken revealed.
"I think she's a really great example of someone who's incredibly genuine and vulnerable but gets out there."

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