Married At First Sight

Everything we know about Married At First Sight's controversial groom Sam Carraro

''Believe me, I’ve been thinking, 'who is this guy?’''

By Chanelle Mansour
Sam Carraro has caused quite the stir on this year's season of Married At First Sight and it's time to pull back the curtains on one of the most controversial grooms yet.
Matched with loud and proud Coco Stedman, Sam has said and done quite a bit to rile up not only his bride, but almost everyone watching the show.
The 32-year-old even admitted to "cringing" while watching himself back, and that "it's been very hard to watch myself."
"Believe me, I've been thinking, 'who is this guy?'" he said to Nova's Fitzy and Wippa.
Well believe us, we're asking the same thing Sam.
Sam's comments shocked fans. (Channel Nine)
So, when he's not on our screens being, well himself, what is Sam actually like?
The groom has described himself as a "confident go-getter who is sarcastic, outspoken and calls a spade a spade". In other words, he's brutally honest and isn't afraid to speak his mind.
He also keeps busy with his career, leaving no room for romance as he concentrates on his own fashion labels, while also working in construction.
And speaking about his love life, Sam has been single for three years, and "has high standards when it comes to women".
"He knows what he likes and what he doesn't, and isn't afraid to say it," his MAFS bio reads.
"Despite a few long-term relationships, he hasn't met the right girl yet and finds it hard to let anyone get close to him (except his dog)."
Coco wasn't Sam's type. (Channel Nine)
There's also a link between Sam and fellow groom Cameron Dunne, where they seem to have known each other from outside the experiment.
"Cameron knows Sam [Carraro] from back home but they actually had beef, they didn't get along. He tells Coco that [Sam]'s a pig to women and that she basically should leave him," a source told the So Dramatic! Podcast.
But according to Sam, he says he is now ready to meet someone and is looking to also be a father with his ideal partner.
He went on the show hoping to find love with someone having "good family values", someone who has also "had a crack at life" and chased a dream.
And if that someone happens to be his on-screen wife Coco? Only time will tell…