Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: MAFS 2019 groom Bronson Norrish claims his ex Vanessa Romito was cut from the show last season and “begged” him to apply again

“Wedding guests picked and everything.”

By Erin Doyle
The tables sure do turn quickly in Married At First Sight land.
Last season, eyebrow ring-wearing groom Bronson Norrish was causing controversy for calling his wife Ines Basic a "c--t" on national television and his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Romito was accusing him of dumping her to go on the show and making dodgy remarks at dinner while they were dating.
But now that Vanessa is taking part in the latest season, Bronson has come out swinging.
Bronson claims his ex Vanessa "begged" him to apply for MAFS again this year. (Image: Instagram)
Bronson claims Vanessa made it close to being on air the same year he took part.
"She was supposed to be on last season. Wedding guests picked and everything. She helped me to apply, I got cast, she was cut," Bronson tells Now To Love.
"She even helped me pick my wedding suit… then did an article saying I dumped her to go on the show."
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Bronson added that this is Vanessa's fifth time applying for MAFS.
"She begged me to apply again this season so she would have a better chance to get on because of the drama," he claimed.
"I hope she is doing it for the right reasons. She did dump her boyfriend to go on MAFS so who bloody knows her reasons she's on there."
Bronson was infamously matched with Ines Basic (pictured) in MAFS' 2019 season. (Image: Channel Nine)
It comes after Bronson took a public swipe at his reality star ex.
Taking to Instagram, Bronson shared a meme which featured a photo of himself at a MAFS commitment ceremony.
The caption read: "Psst Chris…" and instead of a piece of paper reading "stay" or "leave", the words read "run".
Bronson told Now To Love he shared the post after seeing Vanessa bad mouth Chris in a leaked video.
"She made up lies in a YouTube video about me to get the limelight. Now seeing her do it to Chris, it hit home," Bronson explained.
"I don't like people who put other people down just to get publicity. She's not a very nice person."
Now To Love has reached out to Vanessa for comment.
Bronson says he hopes Vanessa is on the show for "the right reasons". (Image: Channel Nine)

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