Married At First Sight

"When he said he loved me, I wanted to shake him!" MAFS' Tracey Jewel reveals why she dumped Dean Wells

In the end, it was a case of too little, too late.

By Helen Vnuk
At the vow renewal on Married At First Sight, Dean told Tracey that he loved her. And then she dumped him.
Tracey tells TV WEEK that the declaration of love was "too little, too late".
"I wanted to shake him and say, 'Why couldn't you see this in the beginning and not stuff up along the way?'" she says.
"If the cheating didn't happen and the other bits and pieces didn't happen, I think we could have had a real shot at a relationship."

Ultimately, the reason Tracey decided to call it quits was that she felt she couldn't trust Dean in a long-distance relationship.
"It's hard enough to do long distance without all our issues," she explains. "With the cheating and the disrespect at the boys' night, there's just so much murky water."
Single mum Tracey lives in Perth, and Dean in Sydney. She says Dean felt he couldn't move to Perth because of his business.
"We did discuss that," she adds.
So would she have stuck with Dean if they'd been living in the same city?
"If it was a 'yes', it would have been a weak 'yes'," she says.
"It would have been, 'Let's just see how we go with dates for a while and go back to square one.' It wouldn't have been, 'Let's move in together and start a life together and a family!'"
However, Tracey admits that her views on Dean have changed since watching the show and seeing everything that her "husband" said and did behind her back. She says that if she'd been able to see it at the time, she probably would have left earlier.
"Maybe if I knew exactly what happened at boys' night, the fact that had Dean lied to me on camera, yeah, I think maybe I would have left," she explains.
"If I knew exactly what transpired and got to watch the boys' night, then I probably would have been angry enough to leave."

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