Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Tash speaks out about her horrifying honeymoon health crisis

Romance wasn’t the only thing on Tash’s mind while she was on Daydream Island.

By Helen Vnuk
Married At First Sight viewers saw Amanda and Tash's honeymoon go horribly wrong, with the two of them ending up in separate rooms.
But Tash was dealing with a whole lot more than was shown on TV. The Adelaide bartender had a biopsy just the day before her wedding.
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Bad news from home meant Tash (left, with Amanda) wanted time by herself. Image: Channel Nine
"Then they called me on my honeymoon," she reveals to TV WEEK. "They told me I had abnormal cervix cells. They said, 'You're going to have to have an operation to get rid of these cells.'"
But that wasn't all. Tash received another call on her honeymoon, this one from her mother who lives on the Sunshine Coast.
"My mum was at the police station not knowing whether her house had burnt down," she says. "So I had so much stuff going on for me."
Tash says she told Amanda what was going on, but she'd only known her for a couple of days.
"I was isolating myself to try and process," she says. "I was spending a lot of time talking to my mum on the phone and talking to my dad on the phone and talking to my bridesmaids and trying to figure out how to deal."
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She knew Amanda wanted them to spend more time together, and that was a major source of tension between the two.
"I could tell she wanted me to be feeling things for her that she thought spending time with her would create. I just needed to be alone."
Tash craved solitude. Image: Channel Nine
In the end, it turned out that Tash's mum's house was saved, with only the fence burnt down.
"She was really lucky. They lost four houses on her street."
As for the operation, that still lies ahead for Tash.
"I'm having it at some point this year," she says.

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