Married At First Sight

MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Tash and Amanda's rocky start to their relationship - and Amanda's hens party absence explained!

One bride in the show's same-sex couple was left behind at home during the hen's party!

By NW team
The claws are out – and we haven't even got to the first dinner party yet!
Yep, while Amanda Micallef and Tash Herz are the first lesbian couple in the MAFS experiment, their road to happy ever after is still shaping up to be a bumpy one.
With their wedding and honeymoon airing this week, Tash admits in a candid chat with NW that she found it hard connecting with Amanda due to their "completely different lifestyles".
"We are so incompatible and have really different values – her family is European, traditional and old-fashioned. I'm quite open-minded and progressive with gender," explains Tash, 31.
"We have a different sense of humour. I'm quite quirky and edgy, and I'll say things, then she doesn't know what to do with me. She's got a dad sense of humour and it's dorky. Amanda can be very controlling too."
Tash and Amanda are already butting heads. Channel Nine
Amanda chose to wear a chic white jumpsuit on her wedding day. Channel Nine
As for Amanda, she claims Tash comes off as an "egotistical lesbian" – one she'd never normally go for in the real world as she appears very self-involved!
"As soon as the cameras stop rolling, Tash doesn't want to hang out with me," the Melbourne-based strength coach tells us.
"She doesn't even want to watch a movie together – nothing! I can't help thinking, 'This is f**ked!'"

Hen’s night battle

Also causing tension between the wives is the fact Tash got to attend the hen's night, while Amanda, 34, sat the whole event out.
Production explains to NW that it didn't want her attending the bucks night either because they didn't want one of the ladies to appear "more masculine".
Tash got to go to the hen's night, while Amanda stayed at home. Instagram
Amanda claims she missed out on important bonding with the other brides. Instagram
Still, our insider says the decision could have lasting ramifications.
"Amanda feels Tash got to have this special bonding experience with the other brides that she's missed out on," tells the source.
"They all know each other and a part of her fears that they'll be quick to take Tash's side when things get heated."
Eek! C'mon now, ladies – the experts clearly matched you for a reason, so let's not throw in the towel just yet!
Tash says she is "quit open-minded and progressive with gender." Channel Nine

Tash reveals: "I was bullied for being fat and gay"

It's hard to believe now, but feisty Tash describes herself as an "awkward, overweight" teen.
That – combined with her schoolmates finding out she had her first sexual experience at 13 with a girl – led to the vegan bartender being bullied.
"The bullying meant I developed a sense of shame around my sexuality," the tattooed brunette dishes.
WATCH BELOW: Cam and Jules reveal if they'll be returning to MAFS in 2020. Story continues after video.
It was only after she fell "crazy in love" at 17 and came out to her immediately supportive family that she began to accept who she was.
"The bullies didn't break me," she says.
Go, Tash!

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