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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight’s Stacey says she felt like “Michael’s puppet” on the show

"He did his salesman pitch and just really sucked me back in. I actually feel like he played me".

By TV Week team
One week Stacey was writing "leave" at the Married At First Sight commitment ceremony.
The next week she was writing "stay" and saying she loved Michael. So what happened?
"He did his salesman pitch and just really sucked me back in," Stacey, 25, tells TV WEEK.
"I feel like I was Michael's puppet the whole time. I actually feel like he played me."
"Obviously I was falling for him," Stacey explains. (Image: Nine Network)
What swayed Stacey's feelings during that week was Michael's apparent willingness to tackle his issues with alcohol.
She had previously been upset by Michael's behaviour after he'd been drinking – including the night he supposedly couldn't remember whether or not he'd kissed Hayley.
"He stopped drinking and he started taking tablets to stop drinking," the Adelaide lawyer and mum-of-two explains.
"I feel like I was Michael's puppet the whole time". (Image: Nine Network)
"I was falling for him anyway, and then he took the steps that I wish other partners of mine would have to try and stop drinking."
"These are big things to me. I was thinking, 'He must really love me.'"
She felt she couldn't write "leave" when Michael was doing the right thing.
"He's proving to me that he's changed. How can I write leave? That's saying, 'Oh well, you're still not good enough.' It's putting him down."
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Stacey was already developing feelings for Michael when the whole scandal with Hayley blew up.
"For him to hurt me that much, obviously I was falling for him," she explains.
"We were in this pressure-cooker experiment and I was with him for so long. We got along when we weren't fighting."
There's one rumour that Stacey would like to lay to rest: that she was only ever interested in Michael because of his money.
"Absolutely not! Do you think he bought me my Range Rover? Regardless of whether I'm with him now or not, I live a very comfortable life. My children go to private schools. I am fine."
Michael confesses his love to Stacey. (Image: Nine Network)

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