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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Stacey reveals how she can afford her lifestyle - and it's not her ex

''Never in regards to my lifestyle would I associate him.''

By Woman's Day team
Married At First Sight's Stacey Hampton has admitted that she likes "the finer things in life", but fans have been struggling to understand how she affords such a lavish lifestyle.
In an exclusive chat with Woman's Day, the 27-year-old has slammed the way she was edited on the show that implied her ex paid for her luxury belongings and revealed the real reason she can upkeep her lifestyle without a job.
No ex of Stacey's is funding her lifestyle. (Image: Instagram @staceylhampton)
Stacey and her on-screen husband Michael watched their audition tapes back on Wednesday night's episode and in Stacey's, she was quizzed about how she could afford a Rolex watch.
In the episode, mum-of-two Stacey appeared to respond with "You might have to ask my ex," however the blonde bombshell reveals that it was really her mum who transferred her the money to buy the designer watch.
"There is no way I would say 'Ask my ex', that's not even the correct way to answer the question," Stacey says.
"I would have said 'My ex used to buy me bags.' I believe the 'ask my ex' would have been in reference to whether I'm high maintenance or hard to deal with. Never in regards to my lifestyle would I associate him."
Stacey says the editing on MAFS twisted her answer. (Image: Nine Network)
Stacey's employment history may not be as extensive as husband Michael's, but the 27-year-old bride has never relied on a partner for her money.
Following the death of her mining supervisor father when she was just a baby, Stacey and her family received an inheritance that was put in a trust for her and her brother to be distributed when they turned 18-years-old.
"My brother then died when I was 21," she adds. "He left a huge payout too which has been put with my dad's money and I've used to do business ventures and investments to maintain and upkeep my lifestyle."
"My mother always worked hard two jobs to ensure we had a good life too. She was never home to ensure she brought home the money so we never were the kids who went without."
Stacey and her brother when they were younger. (Image: Instagram @staceylhampton)
Stacey's dad tragically killed himself when she was just one-year-old, after which her brother stepped into the father figure role.
But tragedy struck in 2015, on the day Stacey's son was due to be born, when her mother rang to inform her brother had been killed in a motorbike accident.
WATCH BELOW: Stacey reveals her traumatic past to Michael on their honeymoon. Post continues after video...
This hasn't been the first occasion Stacey has been forced to defend herself for what's been aired on the show.
In a previous video confession obtained by Woman's Day, Stacey denied the explosive claims that she had an affair with Mikey, saying that Mikey made them up for an extra 15 minutes of fame.
"Mikey is not a nice person, he's not. I now have to deal with the backlash that this has caused me," she said in the clip.
"My children don't need to hear these fabricated rumours about me, it's disgusting. If it was true I would stand up and say 'Yes I did it because my husband was out cheating on me every weekend so I had every right to just move on,' but I didn't."

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