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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Stacey says her fight with Michael reminded her of suffering emotional abuse

Stacey and Michael's honeymoon fight gave Stacey flashbacks to her past trauma.

By Helen Vnuk
At Married At First Sight's first commitment ceremony, Stacey and Michael were all smiles. However, Stacey had a hidden concern about her groom.
"There was so much good and then obviously his downfall was the drinking," she tells TV WEEK.
Stacey reveals her past trauma at the commitment ceremony. (Image: Nine Network)
The couple had a huge fight on their honeymoon after a night out. Viewers never found out exactly what went on, but Stacey reveals Michael ordered "multiple bottles of wine" and she could see him getting drunk.
"I think he started calling me 'high-maintenance'," she remembers. "Then he was chatting all these girls up and I was like, 'Okay, 'I'm going back to the room.' He goes, 'I'm staying here with the girls.'"
Stacey, 25, says she walked back in tears.
Stacey can't deal with people who can't handle their alcohol. (Image: Nine Network)
"Then he followed along, telling me I was being stupid," she says. "I just wanted to break down and cry. He ended up passing out."
The Adelaide lawyer says in the real world, that would have been a deal-breaker for her.
"I've dealt with emotional abuse when people drink, and I can't deal with people who can't handle their alcohol. That was almost traumatic for me."
WATCH BELOW: Stacey and Michael fight on their honeymoon. Post continues after video...
Stacey says she saw a "completely different side" to Michael that night.
"Obviously, he promised me he wouldn't do it again," she says.

Tash wishes she had of kept her flirting under control

Hindsight wasn't a friend to Tash after the first dinner party.
MAFS bride stirred up some serious drama at last week's dinner party by flirting with nearly all the women except her wife Amanda. Now, she tells TV WEEK, she regrets it.
"I maybe wish I had reined it in a little bit at the first dinner party," she says. "I think I had one too many wines."
Tash regrets flirting so much at the first dinner party. (Image: Nine Network)
Tash, 31, says she's "very, very naturally flirtatious".
"I'm a bartender – that's my job," she explains. "For me, sitting on someone's lap means absolutely nothing."
She says she had "no attraction" to any of the women on the show.
"If you look at all of my ex-girlfriends, they're all blonde and edgy," she says.
"For me, sitting on someone's lap means absolutely nothing." (Image: Supplied)

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