Married At First Sight

Forced into hiding! Why Married At First Sight’s Stacey had to delete her Instagram

She shed hundreds of thousands of followers in the process!

By Erin Doyle
While many reality stars sign up for TV shows chasing Instagram fame, sometimes the spotlight and pressure can become too much.
This concept was driven home this week for Married At First Sight's Stacey Hampton, who was forced off Instagram following an intense backlash over one of her latest posts.
The 26-year-old had shared a throwback video of herself at the gym, captioned "back to gym days".
Stacey was inundated with angry messages and comments from followers who assumed Stacey was breaking the social distancing rules put in place due to the coronavirus crisis.
Before deactivating her account, Stacey tried to defend herself, writing, "Everyone messaging me please read caption on my post prior. It says 'Back to gym days'. No gyms are open, it's common knowledge I believe."
Stacey's gym throwback caused backlash. Image: @staceylhampton/ Instagram
Stacey later told Daily Mail Australia she pulled the plug on her account due to the "negativity".
"I've deleted my Instagram for the moment. I'm just distancing myself from the negativity and all that comes with it," she said.
However, fans of the reality star can count their blessings, as Stacey has reactivated her Instagram account since the incident.
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Stacey said she quit Instagram due to the negativity. Image: @staceylhampton/ Instagram
It's been a dramatic week for Stacey, who also made headlines after finding herself locked in a bitter feud with former MAFS co-star KC Osborne and Michael Goonan.
Michael was matched with Stacey on the show and paired up with KC after filmig wrapped and they split.
Stacey was left livid when she spotted a TikTok video of the couple dancing around with Stacey's son's Nerf gun.
In a now-deleted Instagram Story, Stacey raged about the situation and demanded Michael and KC return the Nerf gun.
She then let loose on KC and accused her of "copying" her boots and purposely staying in Stacey's faourite hotel in Melbourne, causing KC to hit back in her own video rant.
"I'm really, really over explaining myself but again, here I am. Firstly, apologies that it was her son's Nerf gun that we used in the video," KC said.
KC and Michael's Nerf gun Tik Tok video spared all-out war. Image: Michael Goonan/ Instagram