Married At First Sight

There’s an important meaning behind those SPK shirts you keep seeing on this year’s Married At First Sight grooms

''More than just looking great.''

By Maddison Hockey
If, like the rest of the nation, you've been tuning in to this season of Married At First Sight you're probably A. outraged by Bryce and Melissa's relationship and B. constantly spotting one particular brand being donned by the grooms.
Jake Edwards in particular in regularly sporting a t-shirt or tank with 'SPK' branded across the chest.
It turns out those tees have a hidden meaning, of the best kind.
Jake is regularly sporting an SPK shirt. (Channel Nine)
Belonging to Speak Clothing (SPK for short) the brand was built on the premise of giving back.
"Speak Clothing is more than just looking great. Behind the brand is a true purpose in giving back to our community," the brand's site reads.
"The Melburnian co-founder nominates a charitable cause every three months in which thanks to your purchase a select percentage will go straight back to someone in need.
"So not only will you look fresh in our clothes, but you are helping a great cause."
"Speak Clothing is more than just looking great." (Channel Nine)
Given Jake's background and experience as the CEO of mental health charity, Outside The Locker Room, it's unsurprising the groom is using the MAFS platform to support the brand.
Even before appearing on the show Jake can be seen supporting and wearing the brand on his Instagram page.
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Mental health is a cause close to Jake's heart. Early on in the season the groom opened up to his wife Beck about his own struggles and suicide attempt.
"During my AFL career, two years into my career, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety," he said.
"Away from the game I was extremely broken, but when I was training and playing I had to put on this facade, to be a certain person."
He went on to reveal: "As it failed, my phone started ringing, and I looked at the screen and it was my dad. Mum and Dad came in and picked me up and took me home, and so I had a second chance at life." he said.