Married At First Sight

Former MAFS groom Sean Thomsen encouraged Poppy to share her side of the story about Luke

''I said 'Look you've pretty much only got one opportunity to say your piece.'''

By Alex Lilly
You'd think the drama would die down following Poppy Jennings' decision to leave Married At First Sight. But if anything, the scandals have only multiplied.
The 38-year-old mum-of-two left the show to be reunited with her two-year-old twin boys, but Poppy became headline news after blasting her on-screen husband Luke Eglin in a lengthy Facebook rant.
However, one former MAFS star has come to her aid, and even confessed that he gave her advice on how to get her point across.
Poppy has been at the centre of MAFS drama after she slammed Luke in a now-deleted Facebook post. (Image: Nine Network)
Season five's Sean Thomsen, who was partnered with Blair Rachel on the show and went on to date Tracey Jewel, is currently promoting his book Married Lies…Secrets Behind Reality TV about the behind-the-scenes details of MAFS.
When asked by Hit radio hosts Krysti and Bodge about the Poppy and Luke situation, Sean revealed that he'd offered some friendly advice to Poppy just days before she posted her infamous Facebook rant.
"I actually saw Poppy on the weekend and I said 'Look you've pretty much only got one opportunity to say your piece, you might as well get it out and say what's on your mind and how it was portrayed' because we're only seeing a fraction of probably what happened," he said.
"There are kind of like three main couple characters in the show so far and everyone else is kind of cannon fire," he added.
Former groom Sean told Poppy to speak out and share her side of the story. (Image: Nine Network)
In an exclusive chat with NW, Sean revealed that his motivation for writing his tell-all memoir was due to the "fear and intimidation" that was put onto contestants post-filming, adding that the hardest part of appearing on the show was having the expectations of getting treated a certain way.
"They can't really edit it badly if you go in there with the right intentions and then realising how manipulated and storyboarded the whole thing is."
He also encouraged contestants this season to stay off social media and stay true to their core values and beliefs.
"They tried to paint me as a womaniser. I don't know if you know many of the guys from that season but I'm pretty tame compared to some of the other guys," he added.
WATCH BELOW: Sean tells Blair he's had hundreds of sexual partners on MAFS. Post continues after video...
In her since-deleted Facebook post, Poppy labelled Luke as "fake on camera" and a "complete d--- head behind the scenes," adding that he was on his best behaviour due to his FIFO job and that his bosses had drilled him beforehand that he had to behave.
"I was matched with someone that cheated on his wife. Didn't even live in the same state and wasn't dad of the year by any means!!" she wrote.
"It's not what you see, it's what you don't see!" she penned adding, "Go and ask Luke why I was so uncomfortable? Why the f--- did I really leave??"
"He's petrified I'm going to talk. He knows he f---ed up. Those tears for him are for his reputation and job!!!! Feel free to pass this around so he can be accountable! I'm not some whinging little weak person that is going to be silenced. I'm standing up for the f---ing truth."
"It's not what you see, it's what you don't see!" (Image: Nine Network)

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