Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: MAFS' Sarah Roza and Telv Williams are having a baby!

The Married At First Sight poster couple share their exciting family plans.

By NW team
It wasn't just Married At First Sight for Sarah Roza and Telv Williams, but love too.
During NW's photo shoot, the four-letter word accidentally slipped out the hunky hubby's mouth for the very first time as the pair tell us they're planning to start a family!
"I've always said If I fall in love again I'd definitely want more children and I definitely want to with Sarah," says Telv, 33, who already has two children from a previous relationship.
Indeed, within hours of meeting Sarah, 38, Telv already knew she was going to be his wifey for lifey.
"My bridesmaids quizzed him about whether he wanted children one day," Sarah reveals.
"Telv told them, 'I'll have as many as Sarah wants' which was all I've ever wanted to hear."
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The MAFS love birds have babies on the brain!
You guys are super loved-up, at what point did you know the experts had got it right?
T: On the honeymoon when Sarah opened up [about her double miscarriage]. I can still feel the heartbreak I felt then, but it brought us so much closer.
S: It was hard for me to do, but he needed to understand I wasn't going to come without baggage.
I'd been abandoned and rejected, and I still carry that with me every day. He just listened, held my hand and then gave me a big hug.
T: She's been to hell and back and is such a beautiful person.
"I went into this to start a family," Sarah says.
Have you spoken about having children together?
T: Yes!
S: I wanted to tackle that question early on because if he didn't want some it would have been a quick marriage – I went into this to start a family. Telv has two children already and the way he talks about them is so beautiful.
T: When I told her about my kids she took it in her stride which was a relief. They're the best part of me and Sarah will be great with them.
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