Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight’s Samantha discovered the truth about Coco and Cam’s kiss post-show

''It was really shocking.''

By Maddison Hockey
It was the Married At First Sight episode fans have been waiting for.
After secret, flirtatious rendezvous and building tension, Coco and Cam finally gave into their feelings for an intense pash, and more so, Samantha finally kicked her cheating groom to the experiment curb.
Confronted on the couch at the commitment ceremony following last week's heated dinner party, Coco and Cam continued to deny they'd done any wrong.
And, they certainly didn't mention their pre-ceremony make-out sesh.
Coco and Cam had been meeting up in secret. (Channel Nine)
Speaking exclusively to Now To Love Samantha reveals she didn't learn what really went on until the show's reunion episode.
"All of us, the whole cast found out at the very final reunion," Samantha explains.
"It was really shocking, cause I was thinking, 'Gee he goes to the gym a lot'.
"I had no suspicion at all."
Sam says Cam changed on their wedding night. (Channel Nine)
Despite Cam and Sam's huge falling out on their honeymoon after the truth box challenge, the mum-of-two believes there was an early moment her groom stepped back from the relationship.
"I think it was the moment that I said that I had kids that he kind of halved his efforts with me.
"I did see a change in his personality."
Sam reveals she hasn't heard from the groom since the show, aside from filming the reunion, but she isn't holding any grudges.
"I don't get around feeling, upset or angry at him, I've kind of moved on emotionally from all of that, but he's not somebody I would want to be friends with or hang around or talk to."
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She also feels the same way, if not stronger, about this year's most controversial groom, Bryce.
"He can't blame it on the edit, that was him to a tee," Sam says of the groom's behaviour on screen.
"His actions were just disgusting and I've actually said that I won't be doing any publicity with him and I will not stand next to him to do anything. I just don't agree with Bryce at all, on any level."