Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Married at First Sight's Sam spills on wife Coco's cheating scandal with Cameron

''I didn't suspect anything.''

By Laura Masia
Things have gone from bad to worse for Coco and Sam.
When Coco stormed out of their apartment after the ranking challenge, she turned 
to Samantha's husband, Cam, for advice and a shoulder to cry on.
But as the pair got to know each other, they gave in to flirtation and met up behind their spouses' backs.
Will Cam and Coco turn their flirty friendship into an affair?
Sam had some blunt words to say about his wife Coco. Nine Network
Living separately from Coco, Sam had no clue his wife was meeting up with someone else.
"I didn't suspect anything," Sam, 32, tells TV WEEK. "I had legitimately no idea."
Sam's brutal honesty with Coco during the commitment ceremony 
drew criticism from both the show's relationship experts and contestants.
"I've made the comments, so I've got to own them," Sam admits.
"I've said things I wish I could take back."
Sam's brutal words had Coco reach out to fellow groom Cam for advice. Nine Network
While Sam isn't shy about sharing what he thinks of his wife, he declares we're not seeing the entire picture.
"There are definitely moments where we've clicked and had fun," he says.

"Coco and I have a very similar personality. On my end, there are more good times than bad on the honeymoon."
"The producers are going to make 
it [look] as juicy as they can, but when 
I made comments about Coco's body, I complimented her before I went on that little rant. I said, 'You have an absolutely amazing body, but this is what I like.'"

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