Married At First Sight

MAFS' Ryan Gallagher wants to be the next Bachelor

Now that Davina Rankin has gone, Ryan is looking for his perfect match.

By Thomas Mitchell
Ryan was burnt badly on Married At First Sight when his on-screen wife Davina left him. Now, the Sydney tradie has washed his hands of Davina once and for all – and he couldn't be happier.
Since leaving the relationship experiment, the former couple have had nothing to do with each other.
Ryan says he made the decision after the model publicly humiliated him by having an inappropriate relationship with fellow MAFS participant Dean behind his back.
"I called it the 'Davina-coaster'," the 29-year-old tells TV WEEK of his time on the hit reality show.
"It was a tough ride. It was up and down, up and down.
"Most of the time, I had no idea what was going on."
Ryan says he is glad to leave the show.
While Ryan admits he's disappointed by how things turned out, he's glad to finally have Davina, 26, out of his life.
"I wanted someone with a sense of humour and who I could have a good crack-up with," he explains of the qualities he'd like his ideal partner to possess.
"I don't know if she [Davina] had one [a sense of humour], so it was a bit of a down time – and very confusing.
"Davina isn't someone I'd usually go for. She ended up being such high maintenance. We're so opposite and had nothing in common."
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In fact, Ryan says he regrets not giving Davina the flick sooner.
"I never give up easy," he says. "I've always been pretty accepting of people's emotions. But when it's at a stage where you don't know what you can do anymore, it's difficult."
Since calling it quits with Davina, Ryan hasn't been short of female interest.
"I've had a lot of attention since the show wrapped," he admits. "Everyone has been really lovely."
Ryan has been a hit with the ladies outside of the show.
So much so, that Ryan isn't shutting the door on reality TV as a way to find his happily ever after.
"I want to be the Bachelor," he declares. "It would be an amazing experience. I've seen a few of the seasons and I think it'd be worth it."

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