Married At First Sight

Tracey Jewel spills on the drama set to unfold at the MAFS reunion in a tell-all interview

''There were bombs going off everywhere.''

By Maddison Hockey
The highly anticipated Married At First Sight grand reunion is so close we can almost taste the airborne wine that's being thrown across the table.
In what will come as a shock to literally no one, the returning contestants have already gone rogue and are revealing everything that happened.
What actually makes it to air, however, is another story.
For now we're relishing in the newly revealed juicy details dropped by season five favourite Tracey Jewel on the reality TV podcast So Dramatic!
Tracey is back and pregnant! (Channel Nine)
Echoing the likes of Ryan Gallagher and Ashley Irvin, Tracey revealed she "was not prepared for what I was walking in to."
Translation: season six stars causing a lot of drama.
While most of the chaos was reserved for the contestants of the following season, Tracey says it was Nasser who was the first to kick things off.
"It started with Nasser standing up making a toast, and everyone losing their minds, myself included I must admit," Tracey recalled.
"Everyone was expecting him to apologise, if he did we would've moved on. But it was just him wanting the limelight for another 5 minutes."
Nasser stormed out of filming on night one. (Channel Nine)
Nasser's attempted toast then led to his infamous storming out. The season five groom was spotted leaving filming on the first night early in a rage.
"Nasser's storming out then next thing I know everyone's having a go at Mike Gunner," the motivational speaker explained.
Tracey suggested her fellow co-stars weren't happy Mike had received such a good edit after behaving badly.
"Clearly people had unfinished business with him about the Heidi [his MAFS bride] thing, what happened when the camera stopped rolling, him hitting on people, and he's not how he's portrayed.''
Host Megan Pustetto then asked to clarify if Mike had hit on fellow MAFS' stars.
"Hitting on people, not on the show, but hitting on people when he was supposed to be with Heidi, partying, things like that, that weren't filmed so I can't say if they're true," Tracey responded.
In a surprising twist, the table turned on Mike. (Channel Nine)
Next came the drama we all knew was inevitable: Cyclone Cyrell Paule vs. Jessika Power.
Unfortunately for Tracey, she was sat right next to both women.
"That [Mike] was one end of the table, then Cyrell yelling at everyone, yelling at Jess at the other end. "
"I couldn't keep up, there were bombs going off everywhere," she said.
Cyrell and Jessika have had a longstanding feud. (Channel Nine)
"I was two seats down. Cyrell was on the other side of the table literally leaning over, throwing the carafes of water. It was scary.''
"No one knew what to do. The producers had to come in to pull Cyrell out of the room."
While Tracey says Cyrell let her "temper" get the better of her, she did commend Jessika for keeping her cool and remaining poised throughout the argument.
Sounds like fans have a lot to look forward to come Sunday night.