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EXCLUSIVE: TV’s biggest cover up ever! Inside the scandal MAFS star Poppy Jennings can't reveal

Poppy says the show’s producers made her live a lie.

By Woman's Day team
The real reason Poppy Jennings left the show has been deemed to be too controversial by lawyers to be reported unless Poppy is willing to go to the police.
Speaking to Woman's Day, the 38-year-old reveals what she can say about her troubled romance with Luke Eglin and how producers coerced her into living a lie.
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Poppy says she felt very uncomfortable around Luke. Image: Channel Nine
"They paired me with a FIFO worker, from another state, who is never home. It was never going to work," says Poppy, who is rumoured to be considering pressing charges.
Doomed from the moment she met the 39-year-old, the mother-of-two says, "I just felt uncomfortable around him. He was very snappy and rude at the wedding, but it was never shown."
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"He was very snappy and rude at the wedding, but it was never shown," Poppy says of Luke. Image: Channel Nine
Poppy says she felt so uncomfortable she refused to sleep alongside him on their wedding night.
"When they [producers] found me sleeping on the couch in our room, I was told off, and told to play happy wife," she says. "That night, we filmed me going into the bed with him and then I jumped out the minute the crew left. When they came back and found me on the couch, they lost it."
According to Poppy, one producer told her she'd become as "hated as Ines", referring to last season's biggest villain, if she didn't agree to film waking up alongside him.
"So I played along, and we filmed me waking up next to him so the show could go on," she says.
Their first morning together was all set up. Image: Channel Nine

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