Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight couple Luke and Poppy’s wedding venue was almost destroyed by bushfires

The owners of the Bilpin Resort fought bravely to save their property.

By Erin Doyle
In Married At First Sight's season seven premiere, Poppy Jennings and Luke Eglin tied the knot in stunning surrounds.
And while the day itself had hiccups for the strangers-turned-husband-and-wife, you couldn't fault the beauty of the venue.
Situated in New South Wales' Blue Mountains, the Bilpin Resort's Secret Circle was a breathtaking spot for the reality stars to wed.
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Despite a few hiccups between them, Poppy and Luke's wedding was picture-perfect. Image: Channel nine
However, if the name Bilpin sounds familiar, there's a reason for that.
Bilpin was among the areas affected by the terrifying bushfires that have devastated much of Australia.
Scarily, the Bilpin Resort itself was almost ravaged by the natural disaster.
A Facebook post shared by property investment firm Blue Wealth Property last week told the story of the terrifying ordeal.
Bilpin was one of the communities affected by the recent bushfires. Image: Getty
Luke and Poppy tied the knot in the MAFS premiere. Image: Channel Nine
"Bilpin, only 90kms from Sydney, was ravaged by fires just before Christmas. We reached out to owners of Bilpin Resort, Amanda and Steve and their story was incredible," the post read.
"On 21 December, Amanda and Steve fought to save their property. The Graphic Designer and IT professional prepared as best they could with their limited equipment and garden hoses. Together they stood side-by-side and fought the ferocious fire that almost took the whole town out. By some miracle, they managed to save all things of greatest value.
"Exhausted mentally and physically, they hadn't eaten for days, they could not speak, could not stand any longer. They succeeded, but if they are going to survive future bushfires, they need to be better equipped."
In the post, Blue Wealth Property added that it was donating two firefighting pumps and hosekits to help Amanda and Steve be better equipped to future-proof their property.
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Bilpin Resort owner Amanda Jones thanked local firefighters for their help. Image: Bilpin Resort/ Facebook
In another post, owner Amanda sang the praises of the local firefighters.
"Thank you Bilpin Rural Fire Brigade . Bloody legends," Amanda wrote. "We made 2 call outs in 2 days for 2 seperate flare ups and they've quickly come to our aid 🙏 .... each moments before we hosted 2 x weddings."
Meanwhile, images taken by Glenn Bell from The Unknown Drone Guy, provided an aerial view of just how close the wedding venue was to being wiped out.
Burnt auburn trees are a stark contrast to the lush greenery that stands beside them, and acts as a sombre reminder of just how catastrophic the flames had the potential to be.
We're just glad that such a beautiful property is still standing!
Aerial images show just how close the property came to being wiped out. Image: Glenn Bell/ The Unknown Drone Guy
The owners and local firefighters worked tirelessly to protect the area. Image: Glenn Bell/ The Unknown Drone Guy

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