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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Natasha is still unsure if the Mikey and Stacey cheating scandal happened

''I think there's Mikey's side, Stacey's side and the truth.''

By Alex Lilly
When Mikey announced that he and Stacey had engaged in an illicit affair, all hell broke loose at the Married At First Sight reunion dinner party.
And whilst Mikey's on-screen wife Natasha was at the centre of the drama when she outed the two at the table, fans were left confused as to whether the hook up happened or not.
In an exclusive chat with Now To Love, Natasha has dished on the behind-the-scenes drama plus, what life post MAFS has been like for her and her castmates.
Natasha dropped the bombshell of Mikey and Stacey's alleged hook up at the reunion dinner party. (Image: Instagram @tashki_)
Now To Love: What an explosive finale! How was it watching it back?
Natasha: Oh my god it was so intense. I mean, I remember at the time I was pretty upset and I was hurt. I think you can see how angry I was, I was literally shaking. In hindsight I kind of wish I had dealt with the situation a little bit better and pulled Stacey aside but I think in that moment I was so filled with anger, so disappointed in the speech at the dinner party. I was proud of myself for standing up and having some backbone, obviously I was really struggling throughout the experiment when I was with Mikey so coming back and having my powerhouse moment was good. So a mix of emotions I guess.
It must be a weird experience that not many people can relate to.
I literally don't think anyone can relate to it which is why I made sure I formed friendships again with Stacey. Mikey, Michael and I made up yesterday. No one else understands this experience so I think it's really important right now when we're copping backlash that there's a strong support network between cast members.
"I think it's really important right now when we're copping backlash that there's a strong support network between cast members." (Image: Nine Network)
Going back to the dinner party after it all kicked off and everything blew up at the table, what was the atmosphere like afterwards?
I was sitting there and kept going to Tash, 'Do you reckon now? Do you reckon everyone's eaten their salads, do you reckon I do it after entree because I'm ready to go now.' So I stood up, let off my bomb, it was really tense and then Stacey kind of sat there and denied it. I ended up moving to sit down the end of the table, it was so deflating. Everyone was angry that she was denying it when there was evidence getting thrown at her again and again and again.
We left the dinner party before midnight which I don't think has ever happened in MAFS history. I don't think production even told us to, one of the cast members, I think it might have been Chris or Josh was like 'Well that'll do us for tonight, let's get out of here.' And dinner parties usually end at 2 or 3am, we were done!
The reunion dinner party was explosive to say the least! (Image: Nine Network)
So did the cheating scandal happen or not? Everyone seems to be hearing different stuff at the moment.
I'm honestly kind of like everyone else. To me it would be weird for Mikey to have lied about it but there are some things Mikey has done since the show that really have made me question his character. For me, it just seems so strange that Stacey's going above and beyond to try and discredit Mikey's lie detector, she's saying she's going to do her own.
They're both going to great lengths to prove that they're right so I'm as confused as everyone else. I think something might've happened, I don't know if it's sex but clearly the two were in a room alone together - why else would Mikey say 'I didn't want to be seen going into your room.' I think there's Mikey's side, Stacey's side and the truth.
WATCH BELOW: Stacey denies the allegations that she slept with Mikey. Post continues after video...
Aleks and Ivan were also involved in the story. Were they stirring things up for the show?
I think Aleks and Ivan were just speaking the truth of what they know. Ivan and I are reasonably close, he was the one who said 'Mikey is keen to see how you're going' which kind of caught me off-guard and I still talk to Aleks most days so they don't seem like troublemakers. I think they really just recounted that all four of them were in a room so I think they're just recounting the truth. They want to be honest and say what they know.
Are they still together?
No! They are definitely not together - from what I understand Ivan still has a lot of love for Aleks and what I understand from Aleks is that Ivan was becoming really close with Mikey and as we all have seen Mikey is a bit of a playboy party boy and Ivan was getting a bit too sucked into that lifestlye. So Aleks was like, 'Why am I about to move my life from Perth?' so from what I understand she's completely blocked Ivan and doesn't talk to him on anything.
Aleks and Ivan are officially over! (Image: Nine Network)
What's your relationship with Stacey like now? Are you guys still keeping in contact?
Yeah for sure, I just keep checking in on her. I think she really struggled yesterday - she unfollowed me on Instagram and I reached out to her and she just said she'd unfollowed everyone to do with MAFS and that she'd follow me back. She's just struggling a lot, she copped a lot of abuse and right now we need to be spreading love and positivity.
Take MAFS for what it is - enjoy the fact that we've all had a night sitting on the edge of our seat screaming and laughing at a toast and then let it go.
Natasha has made up with both Mikey and Natasha and remains in contact with both. (Images: Nine Network)
Mikey met his new girlfriend through you, what's the connection there?
I was out one night during filming and I met Kelly because she was making out with my best friend at the races, so those two girls spent the day locking lips in front of the cameras and were out getting drunk together. And then when I got back to the room that I shared with Mikey I was like 'How hot's this girl I met?' and he goes 'F--- she's so hot, do you mind if I follow her?' So that was while we were still married in the experiment and then they started talking.
Kelly and I talked a few times and we were still friends and then next thing I know they sent me a SnapChat together with Mikey, Kelly and Mikey's best mate and then it wasn't for a long time until I saw an Instagram with Kelly and Mikey's family so I messaged Mikey to say 'So you're dating Kelly?'
So Kelly joined Mikey and his family on holiday to Italy?
Yeah he flew her over and then they had a fight in Italy and then another guy mate of mine paid for her to get a flight to Paris to see my best friend Gabby. From what I know, she called Aleks the other night crying because Mikey was making her feel pretty s---ty but then he posted a photo of her the other day saying 'My girl.'
But then there was another awkward interview when he was asked 'Are you single?' and he said yes so it all sounds like a bit of a s--- show. Kelly's an amazing girl, she really is - she's intelligent, she's beautiful and so I hope Mikey starts treating her right.
Mikey's relationship with new girlfriend Kelly may not be as picture perfect as it seems. (Image: Instagram @mikeypembroke)

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