Married At First Sight

MAFS' Nasser Sultan has his eye on Alycia Galbraith too

But the groom insists he would never cheat on 'wife' Gabrielle.

By Helen Vnuk
He slammed Dean because of the effect of his affair with Davina on the other couples.
But now Nasser, who's "married" to 44-year-old marketing co-ordinator Gabrielle, admits he was attracted to another participant while filming the reality show.
"I'll tell you now – I like Alycia," the 50-year-old reveals. "I thought she was beautiful."
Nasser was attracted to Alycia AND Ashley too.
But the 28-year-old wasn't the only one to have caught Nasser's eye. He admits he fancied Ashley, 28, too.
"But there's no way I'd go behind Gab's back and say, 'Hey, Ashley. Can we get in on?' No way in the world," the NSW fitness instructor says.
"I couldn't care if Alycia or Ashley or any of them stood there naked. I'd never do it."
Despite having a thing for the younger ladies, Nasser insists he wouldn't cheat on Gabrielle.
Nasser says Dean and Davina's behaviour left them all feeling betrayed.
"The whole group-vibe was gone," he explains. "I said to Dean, 'Mate, you split the group. You put the bad vibe on this thing.'"
Nasser adds he feels sorry for Davina's ex, Ryan.
"Ryan's a nice guy," he says. "The group becomes like your family and you look after each other."

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