Married At First Sight

MAFS groom Nasser Sultan appeared on First Dates - and Twitter has had enough of him

''I never watched #MAFS but I can see why Nasser is still single.''

By Alex Lilly
Nasser Sultan was one of the more outgoing contestants on Married At First Sight season four, but he hasn't turned his back on reality television like many of his co-stars.
The 52-year-old appeared on Tuesday night's episode of Seven's reality dating show First Dates and it's safe to say he hasn't changed much.
Nasser's back on reality television. (Image: Channel Seven)
"You might know me from Married At First Sight and if you don't, you're crazy," Nasser said in his intro.
"It was a great experience. The girl was really lovely but we were totally different worlds," he added, referring to his on-screen wife Gabrielle.
Nasser also described himself as "OCD" remarking that he spends at least 40 minutes getting ready and that entails "shower, plucking, cutting and moisturising."
Though the reality star was recognised by his date Taryn instantly and they hit it off, there were many who weren't as pleased to see Nasser on their screens again.
Nasser described MAFS as "a great experience." (Image: Channel Seven)
"Nasser, good job complimenting the nails, but you're still annoying sorry," one Twitter user wrote, alluding to Nasser's comment that he's "obsessed" with toenails.
"Please no more Nasser....anywhere...!! #FirstDatesAU," another penned.
"Why the f--- would you say yes to another date with Nasser?" said another.
Even his former MAFS co-star Carly Bowyer weighed in on his First Dates appearance sharing a clip on her Instagram stories and commenting: "Love him or hate him, he always brings us good TV."
She then added, "Also, how did your girlfriend feel about this?!"
Does Nasser have a girlfriend now? (Image: Instagram @carlybowyer)
Nasser made a name for himself on Married At First Sight and though things went well on their wedding day, he and wife Gabrielle didn't last too long.
In an open letter for Now To Love, Nasser reminded the next wave of MAFS stars that the show was heavily edited and that it's the producers who have the final say.
"I was edited as a villain because I didn't want to sleep with my wife who happened to wear a wig. She didn't want to sleep with me either, but that magical edit made it seem like she was longing for little Nass to make a cameo," he wrote.
WATCH BELOW: Nasser and Gabrielle on MAFS in 2018. Post continues after video...
Nasser isn't the only MAFS star to have a go on First Dates either.
This season's groom Steve Burley and 2019 groom Dino Hira also appeared on the show, but neither were able to secure that coveted second date.
"For me, I had a great time, but I didn't feel the spark. I feel the conversation went really well, but there was no fun element," Steve told his date Fiona when she admitted she'd be keen to "see where things could go."
At least this show worked, right Nasser? (Image: Channel Seven)