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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight groom Mikey Pembroke reveals why his Aunt Lou is everything to him

New groom Mikey reveals his one true dream is to bring someone home to introduce to his beloved aunt.

By Woman's Day team
Sitting down with Woman's Day, Married At First Sight's new groom Mikey Pembroke admits he's been rather unlucky when it comes to finding romance.
However, the charming operations manager is certainly no stranger to love!
"Family is everything to me, it's who I am. I share a real special bond with my parents and siblings," says the 29-year-old.
"We're open about everything, it's an interesting dynamic… we just lay everything out on the table," he adds.
The Sydney-based groom is certainly ready to find The One, but there's one woman who already holds a very special place in his heart – his Aunt Lou.
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Mikey is one of the new grooms on MAFS. Channel Nine
"She's one of the most special people in my life... we're thick as thieves," says Mikey.
"When she was born, she had her mother's umbilical cord wrapped around her head. It caused complications with her mind and motor skills," he explains.
It was a moment that Mikey says robbed his loving aunt of her youth. "We're talking about the '50s and '60s... she was in and out of schools.
If it happened today things would have been different," he adds.
It's why when Mikey attended his Year 12 formal there was only one date he had in mind.
Mikey took his aunt to his Year 12 formal. Instagram
"She just burst out crying when I told her I was going to take her as my date," he says.
"It was the most incredible night – the boys at school were amazing and she was just so grateful to be there.
"We got on the booze – she loves a drink – and she got on the dancefloor, it was so special."
And while Lou, 65, is no doubt used to Mikey's mischievous side, taking a chance on MAFS is a decision she's still not completely sold on.
"At first she was happy but then I think she got a bit concerned – it's hard for her to entirely understand what it's all about.
But I know she'll be happy for me," says Mikey.
"I hope I find someone to introduce her to… someone who she'll love."
Mikey has always had a strong relationship with his Aunty Lou. Instagram

Mikey's Secret Fling with Katy Perry!

It seems operations manager Mikey is a man of many talents – the 29-year-old is something of an aspiring actor!
According to a friend, the groom appeared in the ABC miniseries Friday On My Mind, which tells the story of Australian rock band The Easybeats.
Mikey played the role of Jigger, a real-life friend of the group.
What's more, unearthed snaps of the reality star reveal he made an appearance on Nova radio alongside pop superstar Katy Perry!
It's believed he worked as a promotional model during Katy's visit in 2013.
Katy couldn't keep her hands off Mikey. Facebook

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