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Rolexes and private jets: How does MAFS groom Michael afford his lavish lifestyle?

It's alright for some!

By Alex Lilly
Married At First Sight's Michael has always been a character, but even after the show has wrapped filming, his behaviour is still making headlines.
The 29-year-old company director was the season's unofficial villain of 2020 and has moved on from on-screen wife Stacey with fellow contestant KC.
But there's one thing that's left us stumped - his money.
Love is in the air...literally. (Image: Instagram @mickygoonan)
The MAFS couple hopped on a private plane last week (with their Louis Vuitton baggage of course) as they flew from Essendon to Sydney and shared plenty of loved-up pics together on social media.
The Cessna Citation Ultra jet is worth approximately $1,250,000 and the Daily Mail reported that Michael hired it for around $9,000.
Michael and KC were slammed for breaking coronavirus lockdown restrictions, but how did he afford such an extravagant mode of transport in the first place?
Reports say that Michael hired his private jet for around $9,000. (Image: Instagram @mickygoonan)
Business runs in the family, as Michael's dad was a Scottish businessman who ran nursing homes in the UK (just like another MAFS star Mikey).
Mr Goonan Sr then went on to own South Australia's biggest ice-manufacturing and distribution company, Adelaide Ice, and Michael became a millionaire at 24, after becoming a shareholder in the family business he now runs.
Michael also went into the wine business with his friend Calvin Daniels ahead of MAFS, and the pair co-founded their company, Australian Sapphire Enterprises and sell a range of Shiraz and GSM (Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre) blends from the McLaren Vale region.
In an Instagram live video Michael also explained, "Everyone thinks I was given mummy and daddy's business. No, not like that at all. I haven't actually spoken to my father in ages so work it out."
Michael is also the co-founder of wine company Australian Sapphire Enterprises. (Image: Instagram @mickygoonan)
"I'd be lying if I didn't say I have a taste for watches, nice cars and shiny toys," Michael said of his lavish lifestyle on the show.
"I've worked hard my whole life and I pride myself on that. To be able to reap the rewards is fantastic. I'd rather cry in a Ferrari."
WATCH BELOW: MAFS bride KC confirms she and Michael are together. Post continues after video...
Michael isn't the only MAFS contestant whose finances have been put under the microscope.
His on-screen wife Stacey was slammed for being a gold digger, but she admitted herself to Woman's Day that rather than relying on a partner, Stacey and her family received an inheritance after the death of her mining supervisor father when she was just a baby.
The money was put in a trust for her and her brother to be distributed when they turned 18-years-old.
Michael's on-screen ex Stacey was accused of being a golddigger. (Image: Nine Network)
"My brother then died when I was 21," she explained.
"He left a huge payout too which has been put with my dad's money and I've used to do business ventures and investments to maintain and upkeep my lifestyle."
"My mother always worked hard two jobs to ensure we had a good life too. She was never home to ensure she brought home the money so we never were the kids who went without."

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