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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight groom Michael reveals how he almost lost his son and his ex-girlfriend

The birth of Michael's son was a terrifying experience as both his ex-girlfriend and his sons lives were at risk.

By TV Week team
Michael was in tears on the day his son was born – and the MAFS groom wasn't crying with joy.
Things went wrong, and both Michael's girlfriend's life and his son's life were at risk.
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Despite having a son together, Michael's relationship with his girlfriend didn't last. (Image: Nine Network)
"There were difficulties in the birthing suite," Michael, 28, remembers. "It brought me to tears. Scary stuff when you think two lives are about to be lost."
Michael's son Connor is now a toddler, and he says he couldn't live without him.
However, his relationship with his girlfriend didn't last. They broke up more than a year ago and share custody of Connor.
"We realised we were better suited as friends," he explains.
Michael has his hands full with his son Connor. (Image: Instagram)
The Adelaide company director doesn't think his ex will have a problem with him looking for love on MAFS.
"I think she will be excited for me to move on in an outrageous attempt to find happiness."
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Michael confesses he'd only watched two episodes of MAFS before his friends convinced him to apply. And he's definitely in it for the right reasons.
"I think a lot of people out there are sort of in this to promote a protein powder or teeth whitening, that's not me, do you know what I mean?" he told Channel Nine.
"One I don't think I'm gonna be able to promote protein powder and two my teeth are already pretty white," he joked.
Michael thinks his ex-girlfriend will be excited for him to be going on MAFS. (Image: Instagram)

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