Married At First Sight

From best friends to bride wars: Exactly what led to the feud between MAFS' Ines Basic, Martha Kalifatidis & Jessika Power?

Things turned bitter between these besties.

By Maddison Hockey
They were the three best friends of Married At First Sight's season six.
Often compared to the cult-classic trio in Mean Girls it didn't take long, much akin to the film, for Martha Kalifatidis, Ines Basic and Jessika Power to turn on one another however.
The sister wives seemed inseparable, a united force amid (read: causing) the drama during their season of the reality show.
So, what went wrong between the gal pals?
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Ines, Martha & Jess were labelled "mean girls" by fans. (Channel Nine)

That Logies incident

In what came seemingly out of nowhere the feud began (from what we can tell) at none other than the 2019 TV WEEK Logies Awards.
After Ines and Jessika reportedly "gate crashed" the event, the duo picked a fight with their former BFF and co-star.
"As soon as Martha was near them, it all started to kick off," an insider told Daily Mail following the big night. "They exchanged some tense words and Ines pretended to vomit on her."

With the clash making headlines, Michael and Martha took to YouTube to reveal what went down.
"We were walking back to go to the after-party and we bumped into Jess and Ines," Martha said. "I was completely taken aback 'coz I went up to say hi, thinking we're on good terms."
"I told her not to!" Michael interjects.
"We have been speaking on Instagram and we've been messaging so I thought everything was sweet," she adds.
"So I walked up to them, they ignored me, then I was looking at Jess going 'Hello?' and she goes 'Oh hi!'"
"Then Ines did pretend to vomit on me. I don't know why… tear," she said sarcastically while pretending to cry. "I don't give a f--k either, to be quite honest. It's so childish."
Ines reportedly pretended to vomit on Martha. (Channel Nine)

Going at it on the ‘gram

Tensions escalated the following year after Martha said during an Instagram live video that she'd "rather have root canal surgery from now until the end of time than ever speak to Jess and Ines".
She also remarked that "those girls are not my people" and wished them well for the future.
What followed was essentially an all-out she-said-she-said Instagram war.
Ines took to her social media page to accuse Martha of cheating on her MAFS groom turned real life boyfriend, Michael Brunelli.
Jess then screenshotted Ines' post and shared her thoughts on the drama, reaffirming that Martha cheated on her long term partner, despite appearing to be the poster couple for MAFS.
"You were sleeping with your ex-boyfriend over the Christmas period and when I saw you at the airport when we were arriving to film the reunion," Jess claimed in a savage post.
The women accused Martha of cheating on Michael. (Instagram)

Was it all fake?

If you didn't already have whiplash from the catty back and forth, we'll now take you back to November 2019 when Ines confessed to her Instagram followers she never actually liked so-called-BFF Martha.
"I'm going to be so honest here and say that the day I met her [Martha], I didn't like her. I just found her to be very put-on, a bit false," Ines said.
"There was a show to be made, production wanted Jess [Power], Martha and I to be friends, so it was like a fake friendship made for TV by production. It worked out for the storyline they had planned, it was edited greatly to make us look like the three b----y girls."
Ines then confessed Martha dropped her as soon as filming ended, with the Bosnian beauty quickly "noticing really large inconsistencies".
"I don't like nasty behaviour and that's something I've noticed with her, which is really unfortunate."
It's not hard to believe in a reality series like MAFS that this friendship was actually a faux-ship.
It was Martha V Jess & Ines on social media. (Instagram)

The reunion

With just two episodes in the special event "Grand Reunion" plenty of drama is sure to unfold. We're just hoping this friendship-turned-feud gets some clearing up.
Ahead of the big night Jessika told 9now she was apprehensive at the thought of seeing Martha again.
"Martha [Kalifatidis] and I, we had a great friendship when I was on the show. Essentially Martha was my rock throughout that whole experience, and very much after the show ended she was still there for me a lot," Jess began.
She said things then got a bit more complicated when "the media comes into it".
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