Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's KC hits back at gold digger claims in wake of new relationship with Michael

''Like, what's wrong with being materialistic?''

By Alex Lilly
During her time on Married At First Sight, KC was slammed by her on-screen husband Drew as being materialistic.
But the MAFS bride, who is now dating co-star Michael, has hit back at online trolls who claim she's only dating him for his money, and are calling her a "gold digger".
"What's wrong with being materialistic?" (Image: Instagram @makeupbymarine)
Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O via Zoom on their radio show, KC and Michael spoke about their respective businesses, and host Kyle Sandilands remarked how people called her a "gold digger".
"I can tell you two, you're into each other, you're both into each other and it doesn't matter whether you had no money or plenty or money, love is love," Kyle told the couple.
KC replied: "Yeah it just gets annoying the 'gold digger', 'materialistic', 'superficial', like what's wrong with being materialistic?"
She added: "As long as you're kind, giveback and you're a good person, who cares if you like nice things?"
Michael was quick to joke, "And that's why we're not getting KC a birthday present this year, or for the next ten years just to prove that point".
KC and Michael started dating shortly after the show's finale aired. (Image: Instagram @kcosbourne)
The couple also remarked that they waited until they became boyfriend and girlfriend before having sex - a decision that was very much KC's.
"He was like a dog with a bone. I didn't want the drama, but I just caved in and I'm glad that I did," she added.
In fact, KC remarked that Michael "had some fun for a while" in his brief single period between his on-screen marriage to Stacey, and hooking up with KC.
"I let the hair down, KC knows everything, so I was an open book," Michael added.
"I was single, I was just on a TV show, people were starting to recognise you. Being a guy it was like 'Wow you can pull girls without being good looking - it's amazing!"
WATCH BELOW: KC and Michael share details of their sex life. Post continues after video...
While KC is running online dance classes for kids and adults in the time of COVID-19, Michael is continuing to work for his company Adelaide Ice and even became a millionaire at 24, after becoming a shareholder in the family business he now runs.
The 29-year-old company director, who also is a co-owner of a wine company explained in an Instagram live video: "Everyone thinks I was given mummy and daddy's business. No, not like that at all. I haven't actually spoken to my father in ages, so work it out."

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