Married At First Sight

MAFS' Justin Fischer admits: "Carly's not my type"

He's never been a fan of the woman the experts matched him with.

His experimental wife Carly Bowyer is rumoured to now be dating fellow MAFS participant Troy. But it seems millionaire Justin couldn't care less.
The 41-year-old admits he was disappointed when he saw the experts had matched him with the marketing manager from Victoria.

"The reason I went on the show is because you're matched by experts," Justin explains.
"So I went in with an open mind. But I was surprised by who I was matched with."
Justin says Carly, 32, isn't a woman he would normally be attracted to.
"She isn't someone I'd typically approach at the gym or the pub," he explains.
"So I was a bit surprised. I thought that might have been taken into account."
The entrepreneur claims Carly isn't his perfect match.
Meanwhile, Justin is not the only groom unhappy with his match.
Off the back of Dean and Davina's cheating scandal, a rowdy boys' night revealed more than one groom is interested in wife-swapping.
"I've heard the guys talk about other girls," Dean, 39, revealed to TV WEEK.
"There's a lot that has happened behind the scenes between different partners that viewers don't know about.
"A few situations got brought up, and a few things were talked about that were inappropriate. We discussed swapping wives – but that's what happens on boys' nights."

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