Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant spill on their upcoming wedding

The wedding planning is officially on!

By Zara Zubeidi
Married At First Sight lovebirds Jules and Cam will begin their wedding planning this week, TV WEEK can reveal.
Speaking at the 61st TV WEEK Logie Awards on the Gold Coast, Jules revealed she's going to "officially sit down and concentrate on the wedding" over the next few days.
"I need to knuckle down and sort it," she told TV WEEK. "I've planned my dress, but nothing else!"
Jules and Cam looked incredible at the TV WEEK Logie Awards!
Jules and Cam recently attended their first wedding fair, which was a surreal experience for them both.
"We were in the cab there and we were like, 'Oh my god. We're going to a wedding fair!'" Jules said.
"It made us realise we need to get a little more serious," Cam added. "Our first wedding was beautiful, but we had nothing to do with it – other than showing up!"
Cam says he's leaving all the important decisions down to Jules.
"I just say 'Yes!' Did I mention that this is what makes the relationship so successful?!" he laughed.
As for the dress, Jules reveals she wants a different style this time around.
"I want a big Cinderella dress this time," she says. "Then I'll get a nice sexy dress to dance around in later - one that shows off my curves."
Jules and Cam's first wedding ceremony on Married At First Sight.
The pair previously opened up about their plans for their big day to TV WEEK.
"We'll get married this year, 100 per cent," Jules spilled.
Meanwhile, MAFS co-stars Heidi and Melissa will join Jules' bridesmaid line-up.
"My bridesmaids are the ones who've seen me through the heartache, held my hand through all the love and everything," Jules explained.
"They had my back the whole time – great friends for life. No-one can really understand the MAFS experiment unless you've lived it."
MAFS co-star Heidi will be one of Jules' bridesmaids.
We can't wait to see their stunning wedding photos.

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