Married At First Sight

Former MAFS brides Ines Basic, Jessika Power and Martha Kalifatidis are locked in a nasty Instagram feud

The drama hasn't ended with the show, clearly.

By Alex Lilly
Married At First Sight is packed to the brim with scandals and feuds galore, but it seems that three of the former contestants are still caught up in all the drama.
Ines Basic and Jessika Power have unloaded on fellow season six bride Martha Kalifatidis after she posted an Instagram Live video with her boyfriend Michael Brunelli and if you thought the wine-throwing was bad, you have another thing coming.
It's on for Martha, Ines and Jessika! (Images: Instagram @marthaa__k/@jessika_power)
The feud kicked off when one of Martha's Instagram followers asked her during an Instagram Live Q&A what was going on between herself, Jess and Ines.
The brunette beauty joked that she would "rather have root canal surgery from now until the end of time than ever speak to them again" but remarked that she hopes they are doing well and are successful in their own lives, despite not being her type of people.
But Ines and Jess quickly took to their own Instagram Stories with their own responses.
Season six villain Ines shared two Instagram stories, one that read "Moral of the story is. Don't antagonise me on your horse s--- $2 paying YouTube channel and Instagram for a whole year when I don't even mention your name. Anyways looks like you have some explaining to do so ima leave you to it xx."
"Looks like you have some explaining to do..." (Image: Instagram @innnnnnes)
Jessika Power shared a screenshot of Ines' Instagram post with her own comments overlaying it.
"We've both kept our names shut for ages about why we avoided you at the Logies so here's the real reason. Oh and the fact that you were romantically involved with a cast member at the start of last year and denied it. You're as fake as it comes. Constantly talking down about people even your fans! I'm over it and I'm sure everyone else is."
Martha and Ines during the show were made out to be friends. (Image: Instagram @innnnnnes)
Jessika then shared one more Instagram story saying that Martha's "done nothing all year but bash us [Ines and Jessika] in the media."
"I would love to have kept this private but enough is enough, we've held on for so long and she was supposed to be our friend! But she continues to bring us up in interviews and on her YouTube and Instagram. I know it's not nice but there's a lot more to the story that you guys don't see on Instagram or on camera," she added.
"Just leave us alone! It's been a year for goodness' sake."
I know it's not nice but there's a lot more to the story that you guys don't see on Instagram or on camera." (Image: Instagram @jessika_power)
Martha has since denied all of the explosive claims to Daily Mail Australia, refusing to comment further and though her relationship with Ines and Jess may be over, Martha and Michael are one of four Married At First Sight couples who are still going strong after the experiment.
When asked by Now To Love at the 2019 Aria Awards what the secret to a healthy relationship post-MAFS is, Michael said it was "way easier" getting back to their normal lives.
"There's no secret, we just got lucky. It was fate for us," Martha added.
Watch the clip in the player below. Post continues after video...
Martha also confessed in another interview that "being consistently authentic" on her Instagram and social channels is another reason why people like her and Michael as a couple.
"It's not an edited version that they get on TV. They see who we really are and how we act," Martha told Now To Love.
"It's not different from what is going on in everyone else's apartments. We fight about the same dumb things that other couples fight about. We're not special."

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