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EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Married At First Sight girls' night from hell

With a week to go, tensions between the brides are running high.

By Woman's Day team
For weeks, rumours of chaos and drama have surrounded Married At First Sight's upcoming girls' night.
And speaking exclusively to Woman's Day, it's clear the brides are at war!
"I was attacked… I'm still traumatised!" tells Hayley Vernon, who says that fellow brides Elizabeth Sobinoff and Stacey Hampton left her begging the show's production team to be removed from set.
"It was one of the worst nights," tells Hayley, 32, who insists the unlikely friends conspired against her.
"I only agreed to return [that night] to seek vengeance on Stacey.
"I wanted to call her out for crucifying me over making out with Michael [Goonan], when she'd done far worse with Mikey," says Hayley, alluding to rumours the mum-of-two had slept with Mikey Pembroke, 29 – claims Stacey, 26, strongly denies.
Hayley (pictured) admits she only returned to seek vengeance on Stacey. Image: Channel Nine
Stacey (pictured) says she "stooped to Hayley's toxic level" during the explosive night. Image: Channel Nine
According to body builder Hayley, she was "set up by producers", who forced her to wait hours until she could join the festivities.
"By the time I was allowed into the dinner, the girls had started filming and had been plied with drinks."
While free-flowing booze is no rarity at a MAFS dinner party, Hayley says the show's producers made an unprecedented decision to allow cocktails and spirits during the dinner, a decision Hayley maintains was designed to cause chaos.
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Personal jab

While Stacey admits she "stooped to Hayley's toxic level" during the explosive night, the blonde beauty says she was triggered by Hayley's heartless comments about her kids and personal life.
"She mocked me for being a single mother! She couldn't fathom that I had a [legal] degree and two kids," she says.
"She accused me of getting my degree out of a cereal box and suggested I have nothing to show for myself, only that I had a family," Stacey adds.
"I was extremely triggered by those comments. My brother died when I gave birth to my son... it was a rough time."
Mishel was caught in the middle of warring brides. Image: Channel Nine
To this day, Hayley maintains she felt bullied by Stacey, who was "making her out to be a fool".
"Stacey was hiding behind this facade... using her two kids as a means of deflecting every horrible thing she had said about me behind the scenes," she says, adding that Stacey went on to accuse her of being a sex worker!
"It was just grubby," sneers Hayley, who denies the outrageous claim.
Stuck in the middle was fellow bride Mishel Karen. The 48-year-old says she made several attempts to "make peace" with the feuding brides during the hostile night but was quickly shutdown by producers.
"I was taken off set! I was literally whisked up into a room and banned from speaking," explains Mishel.
Lizzie lost her cool at Poppy, admitting she went "too far". Image: Channel Nine
And despite Hayley only just meeting Lizzie for the first time that night, the bold brides were also clashing heads from the get-go.
"Lizzie was an absolute antagonist towards me – those crazy eyes from last year were back! She was screaming and shouting in my face while defending Stacey… it just didn't make sense," says Hayley.
"It was all too much – the other girls were in shock. I remember Connie [Crayden] being so overwhelmed, and KC [Osborne] almost fell off her chair," she continues.
Fellow bride Poppy Jennings, 38, also says she was on the receiving end of Lizzie's intense spray.
"She kept probing me about Luke [Eglin], like the minute I sat down she wanted to know everything," she says.
"I just lost it and told her everything… every single detail about why I had to leave. But, of course I was taken off set and hushed," says Poppy, who reveals the show's producers only allowed her to join the dinner's conclusion to say goodbye to the girls.
Meanwhile, Lizzie tells Woman's Day, "I regret that I lost my cool", after previously admitting she went "too far" on the intense night.
But Stacey says it wasn't Lizzie who went too far.
"Hayley infuriated Lizzie by disrespecting me as a mother!" explains Stacey, who adds she was almost in tears throughout the night.
"I wanted out of there but the producers kept throwing me back into it. Thank God I had Lizzie."
Poppy was on the receiving end of Lizzie's intense spray. Image: Channel Nine

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