Married At First Sight

Are Married At First Sight's Liam and Georgia still together? Their final vows could take a twist fans don't expect

''I've made my decision now...and I'm confident in it.''

By Alex Lilly
When intruder couple Georgia Fairweather and Liam Cooper met at the Married At First Sight altar, they seemed to be the cute palate cleanser we all needed.
Aside from being outed as bisexual at his own wedding in front of strangers, Liam seemed to be instantly smitten with his bride and vice versa.
When asked if she had a problem with Liam's sexuality, Georgia simply replied: "Honestly I so believe that whatever things you did before, it all led you to be here and the person you are. As long as you're the person for me."
From then, the couple have developed some real feelings on the show but it seems like things are not as peachy in real life. In fact, there are several signs that the couple are no longer together.
The couple seemed to hit things off, initially... (Channel Nine)
Suspicions first arose when pics obtained by The Wash showed Georgia and fellow intruder Johnny at the same Brisbane venues only days apart.
The first near-identical snap featured Georgia sipping on a cocktail at Comuna Cantina bar in Queensland back on December 19th. A week later, Johnny shared a photo from the same venue.
The second time, Johnny shared a snap from a pool at The Fantauzzo on December 23 and days later on January 3, Georgia uploaded a snap from the very same venue.
Just a coincidence? (The Wash/Instagram)
Furthermore, controversial groom Bryce Ruthven hinted to radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O that Georgia and Liam lied about having sex whilst on the show.
"There's a few people on the show who've said they've slept together but then they didn't," the TV groom revealed on air in March.
"That's a question for one of the intruder couples, isn't it," he added after Jackie O asked why someone would lie about that. "And it's not our mates, Johnny and Kerry."
When the radio hosts pressed for more details that there had been "no sex at all", Bryce's on-screen wife Melissa elaborated: "That's the rumour that's going around."
"It's a very strong rumour that we've been told by multiple people on the show," added Bryce.
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Bryce accused the couple of lying.
One of the most compelling pieces of evidence was a resurfaced video filmed in December obtained by the So Dramatic! podcast that depicts contestant Jason describing Liam as "ugly", "chubby" and a "full-blown homosexual."
Whilst Jason is the one talking in the video, Georgia and Johnny also feature in the clip and can be heard laughing in the background.
According to Daily Mail Australia, Liam felt "absolutely betrayed and heartbroken" by the footage and confronted the trio at the MAFS reunion that was filmed in February.
Whilst Jason has since apologised for his comments in a statement to Daily Mail, Georgia admitted she's "very regretful" of her participation.
"I have obviously apologised a lot and we've come past that, but it wasn't very good," she told Brisbane radio trio Stav, Abbey and Matt.
"It was never meant to be posted, it was only up for a couple of minutes but it was long enough for someone to screen record it which doesn't make it ok but it was never meant to cause hurt. Again, I'm very regretful about it.
Georgia also remarked: "Liam forever will be an important person in my life and maintaining a good relationship is important to me."
Will the commitment ceremony go to plan? (Channel Nine)
Ahead of the couple's final vows on Tuesday night, the trailers show that despite Liam confessing his love for Georgia, it may not be reciprocated.
"I doubt he'll see this coming, and I doubt he'll like it," Georgia's voiceover can be heard saying in the clip.
"I've made my decision now...and I'm confident in it."
According to podcast So Dramatic!, Liam and Georgia both decided to stay but the groom then chose to leave after hearing how "rude" his bride was in the vows.
"She was basically bagging him out saying that her friends wouldn't like him, and he doesn't know how to love. She pointed out all of these negative things," a close friend of Georgia's told the podcast. "She was basically saying to Liam no one loves you and you don't know how to love me."
"Liam says 'no thanks, based on what you just said you do not know me at all'," he apparently tells her.
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