Married At First Sight

MAFS Gabrielle Bartlett says Nasser Sultan "just wants fame"

Gab exposes her hubby’s not-so-honourable intentions for going on reality TV.

By OK! team
MAFS bride Gabrielle Bartlett has dropped a number of bombshells this week – especially when no one expected her to write stay at the last commitment ceremony! But the revelations don't stop there. And this time, she's done with Nasser Sultan's public act.
"He's happy to be there for the fun stuff, fame and attention, but not to form a relationship with someone," Gab, 44, tells OK!.
What started as a very promising relationship with a very different Nasser – Gab described him as 'so affectionate and present' in the early stages – has literally gone from bad to worse. And Gab's had enough.
When asked point blank if she thought Nasser was in it for fame, Gab admitted she's questioned that from the very start. "He always talks about his public profile," she admitted. "He just loves to be the centre of attention, constantly."
Given that the couple have been growing more distant with each other on the show, and there seems to be no hope of mending what's said and done, fans are convinced that the two have broken up. Gab confirmed as much saying, "Definitely, there was a friend zone that occurred between us."
After weeks of trying to trust in the experts, Gab's had enough of Nasser's excuses.
In a recent interview when Gab admitted she'd probably never date Nasser outside of the show, things got really awkward really fast.
"In the real world I would've had a glass of wine with Nasser and gone, 'meh, I don't think so. Thanks, but no thanks!'" said Gab, candidly, while the man who claims to have slept with over 1000 women struggled to comprehend what just happened. "Come on, now. I'm absolutely shocked!"
Despite their united front, things look grim for Gab and Nasser.
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