Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's David reveals disturbing new details about THAT toothbrush scandal

''It’s her own poo, it’s her own bacteria in her own body so it’s not going to hurt her.''

By Alex Lilly
It's the moment Married At First Sight fans have been waiting for- toothbrush gate is finally upon us.
In case you're just tuning in, the drama started when rumours arose that groom David scrubbed the toilet with wife Hayley's toothbrush after she cheated with fellow contestant, Michael.
And now, the groom at the centre of the action has spilled to's Not Here To Make Friends podcast, and it's not for the faint-hearted.
David confessed to scrubbing the toilet with wife Hayley's toothbrush. (Image: Nine Network)
Speaking of the night in question, David revealed that he and Hayley were sleeping in separate rooms with David in Tash and Amanda's old room, when he heard a "hysterical" Vanessa "howling out the front."
"I ran out and (at the same time) Josh came out of the room and he was comforting Vanessa," he explained on the podcast.
"It came out (through Josh) that Hayley and Michael had basically been having dry sex on Chris and Vanessa's bed."
According to David, Vanessa left because of Hayley's cheating and because "Chris didn't do anything to stop it" adding that "Vanessa's got her own story to tell" about the night.
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But when it came down to the shocking toothbrush encounter, David owned up to the whole thing.
"About three days after the cheating scandal happens, I've heard nothing from Hayley and I'm in a really dark place … I still had her room key, and that's when I did something really childish," he revealed.
"I knew she liked her equal in her coffee so I flogged that, I knew she liked clothes folded in a certain way, then while I was getting my toiletries out of the room, that's when the whole toothbrush incident happens.
"She would go to the toilet without cleaning up after herself. Not very lady like. I wasn't a fan of the ... what she would leave on the toilet bowl, so that's when I grabbed the toothbrush and scrubbed the toilet with it," he admitted, before adding that she used the toothbrush for five days.
"It's her own poo, it's her own bacteria in her own body so it's not going to hurt her," he remarked.
David admits it was "really childish" but said as it's her own bacteria, "it's not going to hurt her." (Image: Nine Network)
On Tuesday night's episode ahead of the third dinner party, David revealed Hayley and Michael's affair to the cameras.
"Hayley is making out with Michael," he said. "My darling wife is making out with another husband."
"Why am I smiling? Because I just want to go home and put this nightmare of a marriage behind me."
Trailers show Hayley left devastated at the dinner party. (Image: Nine Network)

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