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EXCLUSIVE: These MAFS contestants spill on their shocking brushes with the law

Granted, they're not as bad as the toothbrush.

By Alex Lilly
After watching the horrendous drama that was toothbrush gate, we thought we'd seen everything on Married At First Sight.
But it turns out this year's brides and grooms know a thing or two about scandal as many have had colourful pasts involving brushes with the law.
In our exclusive videos, we learned some interesting facts about the reality stars- including an arrest we didn't see coming!

Kicked out of bars and clubs

We've all had some wild nights out over the years, but some of the MAFS stars of this season went a little too wild.
"I have been kicked out of one of Australia's largest bars and that's the only time I've ever gotten kicked out, it was very public," says 26-year-old Natasha.
We've seen Aleks' fiery side on the show a few times but don't cross her! After admitting she has indeed been kicked out, the real estate agent added, "I got into a punch up."
Meanwhile Chris, who was partnered with Vanessa on the show said "Oh yeah absolutely," with no hesitation adding, "Probably dancing on a table with no clothes on."
And while she may not have been evicted from a bar or club, Connie admits she has been kicked out of a house party. We're not sure which one's more impressive!
"I got into a punch up," Aleks confessed to NW. (Image: Nine Network)

Stop thief!

It seems like the class of MAFS 2020 are a pack of thieves!
Admittedly, many confessed to shoplifting when they were young including Amanda, Chris and Poppy, but there are a few interesting backstories in the mix.
Poppy, Chris and Amanda all fessed up, but some of the others recalled the specifics.
"Yeah I think when I was a kid, a toy car or something like that or a bath bomb," Ivan spilled whilst mum of the group Mishel owned up to stealing a macadamia nut or two. Ok...
Meanwhile Mikey was a criminal deviant when he was a young'un confessing, "I was in year eight, we used to go to the two dollar shop and put the little bracelets we thought were cool as kids and we'd hide them in our slushies from 7/11."
WATCH BELOW: Mikey plays Never Have I Ever. Post continues after video...
Others were old enough to know better when they stole certain items, like bartender Tash.
"I got banned from Woolworths for stealing an avocado, or I put it through as a carrot and I got banned," she revealed, adding. "You guys haven't heard that one before have you? That's my deepest darkest secret!"
But of course, there are some goodie-two-shoes in there.
"I have never shoplifted, even when I was a little kid no way," Luke said, before dobbing in his sister remarking, "Naughty girl!"
Sweet angel Connie also said, "No I have never shoplifted, I would be way too scared to do that!"
She may have been kicked out of a house party, but shoplifting's a bit too risky for Connie. (Image: Nine Network)

Taken away in cuffs

Ok so we don't know if it was that sort of level, but groom Jonethen admitted to us that he was arrested back when he was a rebellious teenager.
"When I was at schoolies, I got done for peeing in public," he told us.
Jonny may be the only one, but Mishel gave a pretty cheeky answer that we couldn't ignore.
"No I have never, unless it was like role play but then I don't think I've really been arrested."
WATCH BELOW: Mishel plays Never Have I Ever.

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