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"I just wish everything was shown": MAFS' Kasey reveals what she really thinks of Connie

“I don’t think I’d done anything to her that deserved that treatment.”

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Kasey Osborne has slammed fellow Married At First Sight participant Connie Crayden for being "fake and not genuine."
In an interview last week, Kasey alleges that while Connie portrays herself as a shy, caring and introverted person on television, that couldn't be further from how she is in real life.
"I just wish everything was shown!" Kasey, 31, claims.
"In my second commitment ceremony, Connie was saying some horrible things about me while 
I was talking to the experts, like, 'Oh my God, she's disgusting. Eww, she's just gross!' That's why I was crying – not because of Stacey and Michael laughing. Connie was pulling faces at me and muttering rude comments under her breath. It was awful!"
Not only that – Kasey adds that she felt that Connie, 26, was so dismissive towards her she turned around and asked her what her problem was.
"I don't think I'd done anything to her that deserved that treatment," she adds.
Connie and Kasey weren't the best of pals on the show. (Channel Nine)
Despite calling out Connie's alleged bad behaviour, Kasey alleges that the show's heavy editing meant the conversation wasn't shown, which was "frustrating."
"I also wish we'd seen more of the real Connie. For every other girl 
on the show – Hayley, Stacey, Cathy 
– what you saw is what I got, but that wasn't the case with Connie. I felt as though she never liked me."
Kasey, who was married to Drew Brauer in the experiment, adds that sitting back and watching the scenes play out hasn't been easy.
But Kasey also has a theory that Connie's behaviour towards her may have been borne out of jealousy, after Connie claimed in a recent interview that 
her on-screen husband, Jonnie Musulin and Kasey actually had a "thing" and hooked up.
"Yeah, there's almost another couple swap with Kasey and Jonnie," Connie has revealed.
"There was a little something between them but I don't know the full extent of it."
Connie later hinted the reason Jonnie requested to "leave" the experiment three times may have been because he was hooking up with Kasey on the side!
As for a another shock twist – Kasey thinks Drew actually had the hots for Connie and she'd understand if he had wanted to leave her for Jonnie's wife.
"It was like, "If you actually like her, I'd be fine if you wanted to jump ship,"' she tells OK!
Wow – we can't keep up...
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