Married At First Sight

The Married At First Sight cheating scandal is set to EXPLODE at an upcoming dinner party

Coco makes a bold confession to Samantha.

By Maddison Hockey
It's been Married At First Sight's worst kept secret that Coco Stedman and Cameron Dunne are at the heart of this season's cheating scandal.
Fans pieced the mystery together fairly quickly after and editing fail showed a man with a tribal tattoo put his hand on a brunette woman's leg.
It didn't take Sherlock Holmes to piece together the tattoo matched Cam's perfectly or that the brunette bride mirrored Coco's appearance.
A tad obvious? (Channel Nine)
While everything has been very PG-13 so far, with Coco reaching out to Cameron for advice on her marriage to Sam thanks to the two grooms knowing one another before the show, it may not stay that way for long.
According to So Dramatic! things are set to explode at an upcoming dinner party when bride Coco admits she has a better connection with Cameron.
"Rumours were swirling that Coco and Cam were friendly and they liked each other. Then Coco goes up to Samantha and asks her for her blessing and says she wants to pursue things with her husband Cam," an undisclosed source told the podcast.
Things are about to get tense for Cam. (Channel Nine)
Host Megan Pustetto then goes on to explain that Samantha "had no idea any of this was going on" and upon hearing this the mother-of-two "storms out".
It all allegedly culminates in one explosive gesture.
"The whole thing ends with Samantha taking off her ring and throwing it at Cam."
Yikes. Whether it all plays out exactly like this, we'll have to wait and see.
Coco turned to Cam for help. (Channel Nine)
In recent episodes we saw Coco and Cameron meet up in a secret rendezvous to discuss their relationship problems.
"It's been so bad with Sam, and then this bloke walks in, and it's laughter and chat already," Coco says.
"He makes me laugh and I feel happier than I felt since this experiment began."