Married At First Sight

MAFS' Bryce was allegedly dating his "secret girlfriend" up until a DAY before his final vows to Melissa

''Full blown dating and loved each other.''

By Julian Rizzo-Smith
There may only be one episode left of this season's Married At First Sight, but that hasn't stopped the behind the scenes drama from unfolding.
Last month, it was revealed that Bryce Ruthven, 31, perhaps the most controversial contestant from the show, had a secret girlfriend waiting back home.
And now, an anonymous friend of the alleged girlfriend - Courtney - is claiming that Bryce was still keen on her up until a day before exchanging his final vows with on-screen bride Melissa Rawson, 31.
If true, all we can say is: talk about yikes behaviour.
Melissa told her fellow MAFS stars to back off at the reunion dinner party. (Channel Nine)
Speaking to B105 Brisbane's Stav, Abby and Matt on Tuesday, an anonymous friend of Courtney's revealed that not only were the pair "full blown dating and loved each other," but that they were still in regular contact until "the last few weeks" of the show.
The Married At First Sight contestant, who also had a small stint on Home and Away back in the day, allegedly moved to Canberra in May or June and then went to film the show in September. This means that, according to the anonymous friend, "he would have met her just weeks after moving there."
"Bryce ended it with her pretty much the day before [the final vows] was filmed in December," they said.
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It's been one accusation after another for the groom. (Channel Nine)
"He came back to Canberra [and] he was in a bit of a bad way because he'd had a lot of people going at him over her during filming. So he met up with Courtney and said, "I'm going to end this."'
When asked about the rumour at the Fitzy and Wippa's MAFS Dinner Party, Melissa said, "I didn't believe that, there's a lot of controversy around that conversation, Bryce was very honest with me from the beginning and I was very understanding about his past."
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