Married At First Sight

MAFS’ Bryce & Melissa’s next gig has been revealed after teasing a big announcement online

''Exciting announcement coming.''

By Maddison Hockey
It was only a matter of time before this year's Married At First Sight contestants started revealing and spruiking their next big gigs.
How does one return to normal life after reality TV anyway?
This season's most contentious couple, Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson, are the first to be making a move post-MAFS with the groom teasing something big on his Instagram in anticipation.
Sharing a very couple-y looking posed photo with Mel to his story, Bryce wrote: "Exciting announcement coming 6pm AEST tonight."
The announcement was quickly spoiled. (Instagram)
The secrecy and build up was quickly quashed however with Radio Today revealing the upcoming announcement is a podcast.
Per the publication, the couple have signed a deal for their own show to be titled: What Happens After.
The podcast is being promoted as a "warts and all look at the development of a relationship", which is presumably theirs.
So MAFS fans, if you didn't get enough of the couple on your TV screens you can now plug 'em straight into your ears.
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More, more, more Mel and Bryce. (Channel Nine)
The first teaser for the show has already been released and so far, as suspected, it's all about the couple's relationship.
"The bad things have definitely been the trolls and the lack of understanding around our relationship," Melissa said of all the backlash the couple faced.
"I'm looking forward to showing our relationship for what it actually is and giving insight into Bryce and myself," she added via a statement.
Much to fans' dismay the couple left the show together. (Channel Nine)
Meanwhile Bryce told the publication: "We met in usual circumstances but we're just like any normal couple, I'm excited to let people inside how lives and our relationship."
The couple previously revealed to Woman's Day they were in talks for their own reality show.
"That's what we're looking at doing," Bryce confirmed.
Melissa then added: "It'd be amazing to showcase why we love each other so much and who we are as people outside of the show because we're just two normal people, and maybe we weren't supposed to be together but we've overcome all the odds."