Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Why Bronson Norrish took a brutal swipe at his ex, new MAFS bride Vanessa Romito

''She's not a nice person.''

By Erin Doyle
Vanessa Romito and her "husband" Chris Nicholls have been two of this year's least memorable bride and grooms from this season of Married At First Sight, with approximately 20 seconds of airtime to date.
But one person who has definitely noticed her presence on the reality show is her ex Bronson Norrish, who shot to fame last year on MAFS when he was matched with Ines Basic.
Chris and Vanessa are two of the quieter stars of MAFS this year. (Image: Channel Nine)
Bronson and Ines' relationship came to a spectacularly explosive end last year which culminated in Bronson calling her a c--t at a particularly dramatic commitment ceremony.
And Bronson hinted that his real-life romance with Vanessa didn't end so well either.
Taking to Instagram, Bronson shared a meme which featured a photo of himself at a MAFS commitment ceremony.
The caption read: "Psst Chris…" and instead of a piece of paper reading "stay" or "leave", the words read "run".
In the comments, Bronson's former MAFS co-star Billy Vincent wrote, "You're a savage!".
Clearly no love lost between Bronson and Vanessa, as proved by this post he shared to Insatgram. (Image: Instagram)
Speaking to Now To Love, Bronson revealed he shared the post after seeing Vanessa bad mouth Chris in a leaked video.
"She made up lies in a YouTube video about me to get the limelight. Now seeing her do it to Chris, it hit home," Bronson explained.
"I don't like people who put other people down just to get publicity. She's not a very nice person."
WATCH: The explosive moment that Bronson drops the C word on MAFS. Story continues below...
Bronson and Vanessa's relationship previously made headlines when Vanessa claimed last year in a YouTube video that Bronson made offensive comments to her when he took her out to dinner while dating.
"We go to dinner and we're at the table. He points to a group of blonde women, and says ''you see that table over there?'... I'd f—k every single one them," Vanessa claimed.
"He went on to speak quite disgustingly about these women, and then he went on to tell me that he was seeing six women while he was getting to know me... he said ''that's what I usually do when I'm single - start dating six girls and the last one standing is who I date.
"He said ''congratulations Ness, you're the last one standing."
Vanessa is most well known on Married At First Sight for her struggles with acne and self-confidence while Bronson was in the spotlight after "wife" Ines left him to pursue fellow groom Sam Ball.
Bronson was poorly matched with Ines last season. (Image: Channel Nine)

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